Ontario PC leadership debate in Ottawa.

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The four candidates for Ontario PC leader will square off at the final debate before members pick Patrick Brown’s successor on March 10.

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XLNC says:

Can't wait for doug to lose

Sanjay Agarwal says:

Mulroney is a literally a clone of Trudeau. Both are:

Stutter speech
Speak gibberish and vague language
Have corrupt fathers

Please Ontario, Trudeau is a disaster and do not make a mistake with Mulroney.

lance dabo says:

Why went Doug talks I want him to continue. The others I want to stop talking.

JennK777 says:

– Have any of these candidates read the People's Guarantee? Because a lot of what they've all said, on the few topics talked about, is in there.
(I remember completing a survey, from the PC party, about many many topics of concern to me as an Ontarian. Things I want to see changed, added, fixed, etc. Basically how I want Ontario to become a powerhouse again. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't that survey the basis for the People's Guarantee?)

– If you want respect between the sexes then that starts with the education of our youth and a solid family foundation. As for a policy on workplace sexual harassment, that's great, have one. It's necessary because adults can act like *ssholes. But executing someone based on accusations put forward to the media, and not the police, is complete bull sh*t.

– Corruption in politics… not a new thing. It will not go away with one leaders will. It requires EVERY. SINGLE. INDIVIDUAL. that works within the party to have the same strength of character to resist the corruption and greed.

Wee Yeah says:

Doug Ford tried to mislead us, calling Elliot an "insider" around 55:00 because of her job as the Ombudsman. Christine did a good job defending herself.

Ryan Brown says:

every time Tanya said anything she said "unlike these three candidates" even when they agreed…

Bev McMullan-Kungl says:

Go Ford!!!!

Franco Caruso says:

Joke debate


Ford and Tayna Allen won the debate. Have to say Tayna brought the fight total fire I was impressed with her. Elliot 3rd. Caroline Mulroney needs more experience especially in public debate. Needless to say best of luck to all and may the best candidate win for the sake of Ontario.

Gregory Frankland says:

MOGA = Ford

nini thepug says:

"climate change is manmade", no, it is peoplemade!!

Ds Vic says:

Mulroney is another trust fund disaster

Marcel Dion says:

Love the passion of Tania Granic Allen and her desire to see change for Ontario.

Chany Lee says:

Tanya, Pat brown is not the only person in Ontario… We have over 10 Mil people here and you are running for them.
Forget about Pat! get it over. Otherwise you have no chance at all…

Chany Lee says:

Doug is the only candidate who understands business and economy…

Al Prezio says:

Doug Ford for Ontario Premier! LETS GO DOUGIE!!! #FOLKS

shane tomson says:

Unimpressed, very little to do with me a Canadian citizen and more to do with feminist issues.

ian hauber says:

Tanya. She alone will bring around change. She will stand for nothing less.

cherifbar says:

I long for the days of Bill Davis!

Al Sa says:

conservative they will destroy Ontario if they run Ontario they care only about them self
Go liberal go

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