President Trump & Melania Attend Ceremony of Billy Graham

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President Trump & Melania attend a memorial honoring the life of Reverend Billy Graham.

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Veronica Lake says:

Glory To God In The Highest. Thank You Lord.! Amen

Carla Schoonhoven says:

Where's the sound?

Shanele Regencia says:

When Trump became POTUS, Billy Graham knew that USA is now in good hands and that his work serving is done and that he can finally rest and go home. May Billy's soul rest in peace with the Lord

Marie Devine says:

Our Creator is the only protector for ALL people everywhere, but He only works for us when we invite Him daily to be our protector. "All who call upon the Lord shall be saved." it is a promise of our God. Our Creator revealed He gave us our US Constitution; that mean our gun rights are for a good reason; they prevent much more crime and government takeover. Assault rifles should not be eliminated as long as governments can attack with assault rifles. D&C 98 and 101:77-80. We need to put our God back in charge, prayer by anyone should be allowed in the beginning of school each day. There is only one Supreme God known by other names; there is no obstacle.

Restore the Ten Commandments in Deuteronomy 5 to be placed in the school rooms AS WRITTEN, not generic way.
To be true to the commandments, we as a nation must line up with the written word of God and keep the true weekly day of no work and others written. We have fully ignored His wisdom and we are reaping the evil rewards. Our Creator and God is the Word of God, and His Word is God (John 1) (DEUTERONOMY 5; 4:2 said not to add to nor diminish His commands.

We need to end abortion; the killing of our children even before they are born. We send the wrong message that people are expendable; but our God says we are made in His image, a people to be holy, using His wisdom.

How do you determine mental health. Unbelievers believe that believers are unstable, in mental instability. The "mental checks" that are called for could easily be a tool for evil. Put our Creator back in our culture. Our leaders need to lift up the standard of righteousness from our leadership.

denise bissell says:

No sound for me

Lucky Light says:

Nobody can here before 24 minuts of video strarted speak man. Listen next after 24 min. So now in America and world can start war. Billy Graham was one othe last general of hristian people and Lord God. Because of him stil was a peace in world. I am very sorry about him. The message of few prophets Dzeff Bayerly, Linda Glomaks and other that he was real servant of God Lord, and only because of him and other trusteful people the world was still ok.

gary jones says:

As a true patriotic American, I want Trump to Make America Great Again. We true Americans want the following actions for the US government reformation:

1. Make the White House and President Trump to control the government.
2. Abolish the US Congress.
3. Abolish the US Supreme Court and the US federal courts.
4. Ban the ideologies of liberalism and progressivism.
5. Conservatism and libertarianism should be the only ideologies in the US.
6.. Ban the Democratic Party.
7.. Make the Republican Party as the only party to control government.
8. Any criticism of the US President will result in HIGH TREASON and the DEATH PENALTY.
9. Ban the religion of Islam.

Larry Drain says:


Larry Drain says:

I can't hear anything … is it everyone or just me?

Cindy Meadows says:


tia marie says:

Rest in Peace Reverend Billy Graham

Juaquiene 77 says:

R.I.P. To the venerable and honorable Rev. Billy Graham. A true American Icon, who was blessed to live a long and fruitful life. Condolences and sympathy to the Graham family.

A Stuijt says:

pigs turned the sound off. You tube at its best.

Summer A says:

Rest in Peace Reverend Billy Graham.

Pete Rodriguez says:

Hallelujah praise the Lord God bless everyone Jesus Christ is coming soon believe it or not coming

robert johnston says:

Graham was right about a certain tribe! God, was he right!!!

zarbond 21 says:

I'm wondering when Benny "The Mantel Thief" Hinn will Show Up, To Get What He Thinks is Rightfully His

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