Q&A: How the federal budget affects your finances

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Q&A: Your finances and the federal budget. How will the government’s plans affect you and your family? CBC’s Peter Armstrong puts your questions to personal finance expert Lesley-Anne Scorgie.

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Reveal says:

These two are working for Trudeau, you aren't going to get the true prospective. What a farce.

Tj Getz says:

So if your male, you get nothing if you are female you get all of the things

Shayan Zafar says:

CBC appeasing their liberal masters.

Adque says:

Typical CBC fairness. Progressive=good; conservative=bad.

Yeah that’s fair. Hey CBC, why don’t you change your logo again and replace it with Justin’s family seal. I mean you guys aren’t even pretending anymore. You’re the first to say you shouldn’t make “value judgments” but you selectively chose to apply this rule on everybody that isn’t progressive.

This isn’t about the actual topics. It’s about your total lack of journalistic integrity and critical thought.

Milton Friedman says:

The Federal Budget Analysis 2018:
Brought to you by
Amy Schumer.

Milton Friedman says:

This analysis is so inept, I couldn't watch the whole thing. Don't waste your time.

Callandor says:

Good budget. Although I like to see a forecast for a balanced budget, the deficits are still small and manageable.
I like to see a universal pharma care plan, drug costs would dramatically decrease given the purchase power.
In comparison, the US deficits are projected to be well over 1 trillion dollars annually (due to tax cuts to the rich, corporations and spending increases).
Stocks…Shopify, Canadian darling. Marijuana leaders like Canopy etc, fantastic. Canada is fantastic.

Mahdi says:

WHO CARES. What is this focus on gender? LOOK AT THE PERSON. Their qualifications and THEIR TALENT! NOT GENDER.

dan gilmore says:

Why don't they subsidise stay at home parents, the way  they do daycare? if they can subsidise daycares $1500/ month (2 kids), why can't they give $1500/month to a stay at home parent?incentivise close families, not the degradation of the family unit!……they can't tax subsidies, could that be why?

souris verte says:

still so much better than having the conservatives in power

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