Sean Hannity 2/28/18 | Hannity Fox News | February 28, 2018

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Sean Hannity 2/28/18 | Hannity Fox News | February 28, 2018


Peter. Hatch says:

Whats the point no ones going to get chared pissing in front of a fan

John Lilliott says:

We have a garden gnome called 'Jeff ' he sits by our cement pond all day with his fishing rod but never catches any fish !

29brendus says:

Dear me! Would anyone of us ever have believed that the DoJ and FBI could be so rotten at the higher levels? When they talk of draining the swamp, do they know how deep the water is? How could people become so corrupt? Who at the DoJ is stonewalling the American Public? Somebody must know who is doing the stonewalling, causing the delays, and making the redactions? somebody must be able to identify the traitors? Thank God for Donald. J. Trump. And for Fox news! Is the DoJ really the biggest weapon of Clinton, Soros and the paedophile club?

jim says:

Geraldo is a fucking scumbag asshole

Gary Warren says:

feel sorry for chelsey clinton that she has a mother like hillary and a father like bill. she must live in denile all day long or she has the humongist blinders every made. very sad

jim says:

Just keep talking. Nothing is going to happen if it hasn't yet. No one's going to jail. Nothing ever happens to these people. If we let them get away with 9/11 they can get away with anything

Gary Warren says:

obama does not deserve a presidential library, he was incompetent, a closet muslim and traitor. i hope he never gets that p/library. he is against Israel and for the palestinians.

Hillside Hillside says:

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Heidi Singh says:

what about some footage I noticed of at least one or more students walking out with Valentine's balloons. If I were trying ti escape the school I wouldn't have hesitated to pick up my balloons etc… very strange

Ada Miller says:

Love how Sean skips all the ACTUAL news to bitch about Hillary. Hahaha. Sounds desperate to me! Tick tock

Robert Harris says:

Apparently that "big fat nothing burger" that's been cooking on the Russian fire will SOON be served up to Trump and his dim-witted cult of zombies. I'm sure Mueller, with his team, have ensured that it will be well-done and I hope with a HUGE side of CROW. Five arrests, 4 guilty pleas, 17 Russian indictments with MUCH MORE to come proves it was NEVER a witch hunt or fake news! Open your eyes, take your fingers out of your ears and turn off FOX "entertainment" NEWS!

doug trieber says:

The AG is showing poor judgement by assigning the IG to report. The evidence merits a full special council investigation.

Ted Apelt says:

The FISA warrants were done long before the Steele dossier. The whole thing started in July 2016 when it was discovered that Russia was hacking into the DNC. At the same time, there was a lot of suspicious activity between the Trump organization and Alfa Bank, a Russian bank. At the same time, Paul Manafort received $!!.5 million in hundred dollar bills from Ukraine. Think there might be a connection?

Nau Clausule says:

Omg will this retard Hannity ever make a change in subject? It's the same every night. Dumb show, dumb host, dumb audience…

russel winikerei says:

Sessions, thought you might hopefully gona be a proper AG,A year has gone past and you have failed Americans,I was recently told you were a patriot,I pointed out ,what has sessions really done since he started as AG,We now see another AG running around like Loretta lynch,this is very very sad Jeff, your gona go down in history as a FRAUD.

Rob Fitzpatrick says:

Sessions and Gowdy are part of the swamp obviously

Michael Loftus says:

►What’s up with Geraldo’s 1970s porn star mustache? BTW, did he ever find Al Capone’s “secret vault”?

Michael Loftus says:

►Until the sexual harassment scandal, Geraldo supported Al Frankenstein for Prez in 2020! WTF?

Drodz says:

Trump needs to quit wasting time and terminate Sessions and Rosenstein and put people in who are willing to get the job done.

Drodz says:

That dossier sounds like it was written by Clinton.

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