Trump visits Florida shooting victims, first responders

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U.S. President Donald Trump paid a visit to some of the victims of the Florida shooting and thanked first responders to the rampage while students and parents continue to call for stricter gun control. A safer schools advocate weighs in on what can be done to try to prevent future tragedies.
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Al T says:

Wow, look President Trump is shaking Hillary's buddy Sheriff Isreal's hand… I'm pulling my kids out of school now to save them from commycore, sexual mutilation, aborting my grand kid, vaccines and risking loosing them due to my own Gov PYSOP. I no longer trust my government with my kids.

smokeyvelvet42 says:


donna stackhouse says:

Gun control won't help, put in metal detectors and police security in the building to protect the students will. Guns are not to blame Nikolas Cruz is!

Yunho Nam says:

I agree with Trump. Let the white trash keep their guns, and take away their healthcare and public education. While you're at it, waste billions of dollars on a useless wall instead of spending that money on infrastructure. I love it when American white pigs self destruct their own society.

Billy McAuliffe says:

Did he give them paper towels and made in china hats what about a dedicated golf cup ???? He did how ever say wow what a crowd

Eduardo Mizuki says:

Nikolaz Cruz is a follower of Donald Trump.
The media should show the photos with his Trump cap

Eduardo Mizuki says:


Corvette GS says:

How can a stranger feel real sadness and offer condolences to another stranger without knowing them? Got to love the media. If someone told you at a bus stop “my relative just passed away” you’d simply reply with “I’m sorry to hear that” and nothing more or nothing less. It is not uncommon for a person not to be able to relate to a stranger whom you do not know who has just suffered a major tragedy in their life. I suppose the media thinks everyone is the same and we should comfort every person who has something horrible happen to them yet, when these newscasters drive home and pass the streets with homeless men and women they feel nothing when these people approach them for change knowing that some of them do not have a roof over their head at night.

Putins Cat says:

All those guns in Florida, and no one shot him?

STEVEN S says:

One thing I know this has nothing to do with Donald Trump. This is an American born and bred problem of people wanting guns. You do not see this in Canada. Why? No guns allowed…period. People can blame mental health but the bottom line is legality of gun ownership opens the door of availability to the wrong people getting guns irrespective of race, religion, Democrat, Republican etc etc. Start yelling at tombstones first because guns are deep in the fabric of Americanism and you will be burying more and more people because of guns.

marc dewey says:

All the negative anti Trump comments,what did O'bama do about the shootings that happened during his presidency,nothing,just gave a speech and condolences to the victims and family's.

Jason Murray says:

Get rid of guns. Simple. Wow can't believe you americans

Adrian Zamarripas says:

Trump is the best President….

Dolena Robinson says:

hey trump go speak to the families

UK Adventure JEEP says:

I have zero time for crying Mothers and their offspring, who force meds down their kids throats and then become outraged over guns..Don't worry too much about guns America……Big Pharma has been slaughtering your kids for decades, the Hospitals have been guilty of negligent practices for a hundred years or more……

Now tell us guns are your biggest threat. And whilst you fickle types complain about Trump and his attitude to all of this……tell us which of your presidents got guns 'under control' ??

Wendy Smith says:

59 likes, 58 dislikes….

Adrian kanasi says:

If the FBI did it's job instead of going after the your goddamn President, you could've done some. But hey, that's just a theory, a FILM Thoery.

Nick Badger says:

There was a drill at the school that morning, police officers, firefighters, swat and dhs/fbi were already there and LET this Cruz guy not only slip past them, but with an ar-15, shoot 17 children and then escape. We HAVE the most inept law enforcement in ALL OF HISTORY! Before we talk guns, ALL of these people need to be fired IMMEDIATELY, and possibly fined, punished and imprisoned for stupidity and negligence. Whomever trained Cruz to do this needs to be brought in as well, this person is unbelievably intelligent, possible ex navy seal or something.

Jason says:

this is propaganda. heavy spin. so sad.

Caleb Lambert says:

Schools are a dead system. The internet is where all kids will be one day soon. Certainly From the safety of their homes. Duh.. we don't need schools anymore. its over

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