Tucker Takes On The Left’s Latest Sacrificial Punching Bag

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The Lies Of The Left Continue To Roost In The House Of Cards


bilboman1 says:

Democrats – the party for illegal immigrants, criminals and people that don't want to work!

bilboman1 says:

Is there a rule that you have to be total buffoon if your a Democrat?

Ren Hoek says:

If Russia has always been doing this then I ask where were all these hysterical alarmists years ago?

GRUNTT says:

No one stands up to evil anymore , just bitch a whole lot about it . You people are cowards .

MDKArtist says:

Wait What??, why the frig didn't the Obamessiah do something about it, after all it happened on his watch

warsane1 says:

Let's see….100,000 in adds playing top ten advertising. The fake made up dossier. This is Russia gunning for us???? What!!!!!!!! Idiots

Treavor Mcgraw says:

No sweat today phillip

Dwayne Clarke says:

Online voting would be crazy. They only pushing for it so illegals can vote

joshua mitchell says:

Why does't that flea bitten whore crawl back in her hole. I pray to God that there is an early reckoning of her and Obama. The make me sick. We need paper ballots back.

superapex21 says:

Now that Trump is in power, let's just do away with elections, lest the Russians mess with the electoral process.

superapex21 says:

Liberals are impervious to common sense, Tucker.

MemberBerry says:

This fat pasty fuck looks like he’s had a few double whoppers with extra cheese.

u2mister1 says:

Demokids know they are dead come November. Until that time, they will be completely unhinged in their legislation and airways bloviating throwing shit crap all over everything in the hope SOMETHING will stick. God help us.

Holly Baker says:

They are desperate and crazy. They called me a Russian Bot after I supported the memo release. Now they are censoring hard and heavy. Most of my favorite channels have been banned. Everyone needs to contact YouTube and file a complaint. They cannot take away a ur right to free speech.

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