Watchdog Group Goes SCORCHED EARTH on Schiff, Mueller and FBI Corruption After Dem Memo Released

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Cristina Laila for the Gateway Pundit reports, President of Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton unleashed on Adam Schiff, Mueller and Deep State corruption after the Dem junk memo was released Saturday.

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Randy Wells says:

can you guys put out a list of all company's that went against the NBA and store pulling gun out of stores and not selling I will boycott these company's and do my best to get other to do the same let the dem. buy there products

J Mac says:

Thank God for Judicial Watch and what they do. We need to get behind Tom and his team for keeping a eye to all issues they discover and take action on.

Prophecy and Biblical mysteries says:

Forget Russia, it's China we need to worry a bout

JB Smith says:

Here’s the scam. Police implant citizens w/ microchips. Torture them for decades calling it research. CSB’s falsely commit them and use them for drug research – Social workers take kickbacks from big drug companies like Jansen Pharmaceuticals then fraudulently bill Medicaid. Riverside Emergency room doctors do unconsensual research and bill Medicaid fraudulently – it’s a felony to subsidize research w/Medicaid or to steal someone’s identity for profit w/o their consent.  Health care lawyers take tax payer funds to represent the criminal behavior of the cops, CSB, and emergency room physicians.  Medicaid expansion is Medicaid fraud.  Doctors can lose their malpractice insurance for failure to report these lawsuits for the illegal research they are doing and for using patients for research without their consent. Malpractice insurance doesn't cover involuntary research because it's illegal.  If it pierces the skin – you must have informed knowledgeable consent of the patient. I hope to find their malpractice insurance providers and get their insurance revoked so they can’t hurt anyone else.

Mr. Nick b says:

Btw i believe that fox news anchor is just a schill for HITLARY Clinton and the dirty naughty corp! =DNC

marty maness says:

Memo wars…

Russell K. Bonney says:

They had a movie going on called. "Top Shitf" and they were the best flyboys unfortunately they crash landed in the shitf.

Stephen FitzGerald says:

Once again we have a whiff of Shiff. Smells bad and just seems to linger.

Clay Mccormick says:

the first memo i dnc and the doj did bad things , second memo we did bad stuff but we had a really good excuse.

Ron Gruber says:

I think even the lowest IQ Democrat can figure that when they took the memo to the fisa court in the first place and couldn't get it through so then they had an article written about it and took both the article and the dossier before they could get that warrant. There is corruption. And let's not forget both Carter page and George Papadopoulos we're both former Clinton Inner Circle people. Which means they sent their people in to Trump and then surveilled there people

#countryboycansurvive says:

Good example how Fox goes full blown libetard on the weekends.

Donny Klaehn says:


Neil Fitzgibbons says:

or the judge was in on it also. What about it "Your honor"? Did you ask the questions?

Keith Daniels says:

Why hasn't Schiff been charged with obstruction of justice?

Michael Johnson says:

Funny how the democrats always deny guilt of any actions they commit, I did not have sexual relations with that women.
Yet he has DNA all over her dress. These liberal ass-holes are like sacks of schiff.

TheDaftySage says:

Seems like Trump is going to Schiff his pants.

John Kaszanek says:

FISA- secret court. God only knows what went on behind closed doors. Evil people.

Troy Alexander says:

Thank God for Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch and other true American Patriots like them!

John Kaszanek says:

FBI is Hillary’s GESTAPO- terrorizing American people!

Steve Scott says:

Adam Schiff needs to be in prison for lying about the memo.

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