You Will Not Believe How Completely Michele Malkin Eviscerates The BROWARD COWARD!

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Looks Like Things Are Getting Too Spicy For The Pepper
Says Francine Smith


gdvlman says:

These people just continue to put blame on the wrong things and people we should be investigating the sherrifs dept and fbi lack of interest in Cruz after SO many calls warning them

archangele1 says:

Gun free zone = Shooting gallery for the criminally and mentally insane.

David Sanford says:

We need to keep gun loving senators in office. The only way to keep & bear arms is to vote gun loving republicans in office. To all the states that have mid term elections in 2018 vote a gun loving senator in office. Make america great again.

John Q. Public says:

I as a LEGAL LAW ABIDING CITIZEN – – – – REFUSE to surrender my RIGHTS that the Second Amendment RESTATES that I have that existed BEFORE the Constitution was put to paper.
I applaud the Police that RAN to the school to try to PROTECT the students in the school. The muslem sheriff and his subordinates who REFUSED to enter and stop the shooting MUST be not only FIRED but also be prosecuted for NOT DOING THEIR JOB!!!!

Grace Collins says:

No point in having trained personnel providing security if their observed risk assessments of questionable student behaviours are ignored, excused and dismissed by spineless, politicized teachers, principals. counselors and School Boards.

Carl Hopkinson says:

Armed guards in schools makes too much sense for the DemonCraps. The fact they are not willing to even discuss this obviously good solutions shows what their real agenda is: Disarming Americans.

Carl Hopkinson says:

They don't want to show the videos and they want to demolish the building ….something smells rotten in the state of Demomark.

pickin4you says:

I think these nut jobs in this meeting have not been schooled as to the reason for the 2nd Amendment. It is so that we can be equally armed as our military, in case we would have to fight against them, if our government went crazy tyrannical, and needed to be replaced with new government. The 2nd amendment was not mean for self defense, so YES we have the right to own weapons of war. Back when the Constitution was written, the citizens had muskets, as did the military, so they were equally armed, and that is why we have the second amendment. These college educated idiots need to be schooled as to WHY this amendment exists. And why it is not to be infringed, which everyone who has taken the OATH, has broken their oath.

pickin4you says:

Now this school had an armed off duty police officer, who all of the media keeps calling him a deputy, anyway, he was on duty at the school "ARMED" and working security for the school. He should be fired, since he failed to do his job. All FBI individuals involved is passing on making this kid a threat, needs to be fired, and ALL of the Coward Country Sheriff, and Deputies, all need to be fired and replace by REAL officers.

cheekymonkey says:

How is it that trained investigative journalists can't figure out that Sandy Hook was a staged DHS drill that went live?

James Bowen says:

Good job Michelle (as always),

SuperDdy says:

They had an armed police officer assigned to protect the school why bang on about
hiring more people all the time? Playing the odds that 1 out of 2 or 3 won't
chicken out? Who's going to pay for this? Schools have to restrict themselves to one
entrance/exit with at least one armed person stationed there at all times. Love

thomas jenkins says:

The liberal left is about misinformation, lies, and will do anything to twist and abuse anything or anyone for their agendas and make believe paradise. And paradise out of their own words is Haiti!

Patrick Dickey says:

When did they take that poll? left do nothing but LIE, LIE, LIE!!

Frank D. Long says:

I believe the Sheriff has been Radicalized by his Islamic friends. You can see him with them and they love him.

Frank D. Long says:

Criminals and the Muslim Brotherhood want our guns but will never give up theirs.

sjcthrn5 says:

While Sean may not want to question their good intentions but the dems should have their gross lack of knowledge about the subject matter and their overall general stupidity.

Good Thing says:

I think all politicians should have complete background checks.

American Born Patriot. says:

Remove security guards away from Democrats.

American Born Patriot. says:

Shut up, Feinstein, you liberal progressive Jew. You're the degenerate who champions 'sanctuary cities' and refugee amnesty just like your recently dead colleague, Edwin Mah Lee did.

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