You Will Not Believe The Most Racist Person In The Senate … Chuck U Shumer

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You Won’t Believe The In Your Face RACISM…. From Shumer Of The Senate


Laurie St Lyon says:

Even if it did not allow them to register to vote WHY is the city enabling illegals to leach services paid for by and provided for the benefit of citizens and legal immigrants?
I do not understand why you don't have to provide proof of citizenship to register to vote? It should also be compulsory to be registered to vote and to actually attend a voting station.
Likewise there should be a "None of the above" choice on the ballot.
The right to vote has been hard fought for here in the west and if we don't defend and use it we will lose it.
It is not perfect (Hitler got 80% of the vote!) But history shows it is the best system we have come up with so far.

LyovMyshkin says:

46 Democrats voted against the Justice Thomas confirmation. Guess they forgot about their commitment to 'diversity' that day. 🙂

baby yarborough says:

He needs shut his big mouth up!!

whatever3210 says:

The left is blatantly RACIST!!!!!!! Wake up already you ignorant, naive libtarded morons.

JASON P. Roberts says:

Ya…illegals are dying to check books from the library…it's legalizing voter fraud for the democrats to keep in power to continue there crimal activities.

Roger Snyder says:

We are supposed to trust people, like Rahm Emanuel, to follow the law? That's hilarious.

False Flag says:

at what point did people begin allowing others to shame them to associate with people they don't choose?
wake up people, everyone has every right to choose who they associate with. the word 'racist' is just a silly title

Camping Pups says:

Tucker should throat punch that austin googlsbee douchenozzle. I fucking hate that bitch.

Drewtazy says:

Hey Chuck you schmuck! So its ok for you to  be against a white man because he isn't " diverse"? So its ok to be racists against a white man?

katden220 says:

So just change your name say your not from this country go to Chicago and tell them your name is Peter Pan get a ID Vote republican then go back to your state and vote again! Problem solved!

Michael Dundee says:

Batshit crazy

Love Talks says:

It's got to be a reason these demons are still in the white house,all the lawlessness,there still in there.

Stephen Ross says:

Incredible simply incredible!

Big Boy says:

All the Democrats are racist, the ex slave owners party.

Peter Evans says:

Austan needs a hard slap. What an idiot.

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