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The ‘Tolerant’ Left is on a rampage to end free speech as we know it. Their latest actions show they are getting worse by the day.

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amund amundson says:

gary take them to court there suppressing news and free speech

robert bronecke says:

Democrats can kiss my ass!!!

Norma Lee says:

good grief…that face is disgusting

Beverly Cook says:

Good job Gary… Crazy World… Love you.. Don't leave me… <3

MrRebar15 says:

Of course they don't want you talking, its those Russian Bots Gotta Stop those *Russian Bots*…Gary, we all love you in Christ. God Bless, Brother, Stay Strong.

artie petroni says:

Screw CNN and pedofiles at google.

artie petroni says:

The liberal in this pic is one ugly lesbo

Richard James Gallardo Jr. says:

I never regretted subscribing to this channel.

Mary White says:

CNN The Communist Network

J Mac says:

You have to go to OAN or RT and Newsmax to get the real story. CNN and MSNBC is too bizarre to watch anymore.

Jay Garcia says:

Keep your head up brother. You are in my prayers.

CS Mitchell says:

I don't know about the 2018 elections. How do we not know that votes will be stolen? They already have 100k illegal voters in PA alone. Time for voter IDs asap.

Robert Bottoms says:

As long as I have an opinion I will speak my mind and I don't care if you are on the right or left my free speech is protected , I have a right to my opinion just like you have a right to yours !

AC/DC.4.LIFE ! says:

⚡️Next news network … ain’t noise pollution – It makes good good sense !

Pamela Serrano Serrano says:

We want the truth and Gary has it.Tha ks for all your doing.God Knows and as you know it's coming back to them.

Antonio Inostros says:

Those who are agiast free soeech are traitors to humanity

SeekTruthinLight says:

Look, people are divided in three camps spiritually. Those who are in error in their way of spirit of belief, and those who are not in error of their way of spirit of belief yet are subject to error by the other, fighting. And there are those who go the way the the spirit of truth, wholly in truth, free from error…wholly going the way of the spirit of truth of Jesus presenting the truth in patience and hope that the truth of God in Jesus will be received well and people (the two groups subjected to error, in error) will stop going the way of death in error fighting.. It's why we pray that people receive the spiritual truth so their spiritual eyes can be opened..

Elew Mompittseh says:

Dtube is where everyone is going…

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