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As members of Congress debate the issue of gun control, teenagers are walking out of class to protest against inaction.

The grassroots movement has been sweeping the country since the deadly Florida shooting two weeks ago, and individual states are now considering their own legislative changes.

Al Jazeera’s Stefanie Dekker reports.

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felasfer3d says:

I wonder where is the next school shooting is scheduled? I hope not let us pray

Sandra IHappyChicken says:

The only time I have ever liked this man.
I hope Trump continues to grow in terms of wisdom.

clevesewell says:

Why on 9/11 we did not outlaw planes . We made them safer to ride on .the same will work in schools .

247tubefan says:

It's not the government that grants us the right to own firearms & it's not the government's duty to protect you.

Charles Martel says:

If Trump defeats the NRA, he will be remember as the best president of the U.S., regardless of everything else

Bryson 13 says:

Ya, it's going to take more than a handful of kiddies protesting to get anything to change. But have fun! Bah ha ha hha ha ha.

Lakpa Sherpa says:

Cost of one gun can bye more pen,pencil, textbook and provide moral education to society

Achie Flint says:

They walk out of classrooms so they are easier to shoot lol
just little indoctrinated fools.
Keep them as slaves, not us.
In Fact: Take away their phones, tablets, computers, ipods, video games, TV's, movies and anything else related. See who ends up shooting a public space again…

Chele Steven says:

The criminal element is always going to have a gun

Chele Steven says:

It said they want to take the only protection we got how do you stop a man with a gun another person with a gun

Chele Steven says:

Violence will always exist in people that cannot be changed

Chele Steven says:

Guns are illegal in Honduras but the violence in the country is one of the most violent so is to show The guns are not the problem but is a people problem

CosmicCum says:

It's time we, the youth, shake the complacent, do nothing politicians into action!!!

Julian Coulden says:

A civilised country does not shoot its own kids. This is the 21st century. What in gods name do citizens need to carry firearms for? Kids can buy guns at 16 but can’t by alcohol till 21? What kind of county is the USA that it thinks this is okay? How many kids must die before common sense prevails? How many more parents must bury their kids killed by firearms? How many more families must be ripped apart before someone says, enough is enough? Trump is right. This stupidity and massacre has to stop. This shocking situation does not make USA great. It makes it look utterly disgusting in the eyes of the world. The kids are right. Their lives are worth more. Ultimately they will succeed.

stupiddumbtard79 says:

how's it fell to be considered by the people whom founded this nation non American. that's right. "may your chains sit lightly upon you and posterity forget you were our countrymen"

Brazilian Lady says:

These brainwashed young people don't understand the big picture. The Constitution and the elections don't matter in the US anymore. The once free US is going full socialist. Guns are the last defense for the American people. Without the people in charge of the US no one knows who's going to take control of the US. The US will be a Soviet-style Orwellian monster in the world.

michael jackson says:

Fake false flag attacks to disarm the American people

Mark Green says:

According to Trumpanzees, George Soros is paying millions of students to protest against guns.

Lord Night says:

The young people are the key to the future. While rednecks roll in their couches and flop up to YouTube comments. Obviously more useless than getting up.

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