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Venezuela’s government and opposition parties have agreed to postpone presidential elections by a month, to be held in May.

President Nicolas Maduro plans to run for a second six-year term against a background of severe economic problems.

Critics accused the authorities of shifting the vote forward to wrong-foot the opposition in a bid to improve President Nicolas Maduro’s re-election chances.

The leading opposition coalition is boycotting the poll describing it as a farce to legitimise a dictatorship. However, one presidential hopeful, Henri Falcon, has already launched his candidacy.

Al Jazeera’s Teresa Bo reports.

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Santiago Bron says:

you won't hear this from RT

they're too busy making up excuses on
how this is somehow the CIA's fault

Kirk Wilson says:

I support whoever will pay me to support them, send me a pm for bank info and payment options.

ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ says:

lets see how this ends. i have the feeling that maduro is not working for venezuela but more for his communist ideology…
and behind maduro could be foreign gameplayers!

Dmitriy Sizonenko says:

I bet these will be fair and free

Abhay Shah says:

what are the chances that they are not going to be rigged

AmsterdamHeavy says:

lol "venezuelan elections" – hahahahahahahahahaha

Luis Arturo Hernández Ramírez says:

Thanks for the coverage of this country's woes. I think you should bring up the strong political ties that Falcon has with the current government, the fact that he was defeated by a huge margin in the last governor elections and his former relationship with the late President Hugo Chávez. Like the fact that it was Chavez who kick started his political career and even though he "distanced himself" he has always seemed to benefit from the current state of affairs. He was also military before turning into a politician.

Yann Andre says:

Loan afternoon press zhxbxg paint right deserve official both colonial that usual risk.

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