Dick’s Sporting Goods Is Screwing America Over

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Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO Ed Stack announced that Dick’s will stop selling assault-style rifles.

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johny appleseed says:

i will never shop at smalldicks sporting goods ever again

wahsus tah says:

This is all a distraction to get your mind off the chimeras! Stay woke friends, the chimeras are dying

ItisI Here says:

This moron….
Talking about female teachers?
We have corsets and all sorts of ways to conceal!
My god the level of stupidity

Contact Info says:

Ill never shop at Dicks

war on muhammed news says:

everyone fit should carry trump should make a federal program to give all sane underprivileged a hand gun!

William F. Buckley Jr says:

Gun-owners DO NOT NEED your placations.
They DO NOT NEED YOU to mitigate their existences with tidy little modifiers like "law abiding ______s".

The AntiSocial Experiment says:

Good job dicks. the right is sooo small compared to the left. no one cares of u shop somewhere else. CLEARLY

Joseph G. Hotto says:

Good. Only the military should use Assault Rifles.

Brass Monkey 7 says:

Boycott Dick's sporting goods. Don't even buy a golf ball from them.

Mark Edward. says:

Stop blaming our youth, your, our children…Americans, stop blaming each other for the results of the actions buy your government. The news and media have one generation attacking another generation as we attack each other over our differences…America a nation made up of 50 countries United buy a constitution in which every state in the unions governments must comply to buy their people or citizens residing there. Inalienable RIGHTS and they are NON NEGOTIABLE !!! We are angry at our youth when we allow the states to set the guidelines of their programming they call teachings…The rules in schools forms of programming. Programming that determines how our kids respond and process information. For instance, ZERO TOLERANCE ? You heard of this crap ? And it is crap…!!! Does bullying exist in schools , all schools and grades, yes or know ? Then ZERO TOLERANCE is failed, if it exist, it is through tolerance. A bully is like a criminal. They not only follow the rules they violate the rules of others. Like no touching , etc…Most kids are good, rule following kids, when these kids are told they cannot stand up for themselves or fight back , which is a violation of a rule, a rule if violated can cause their punishments ? Then you see how this programming works. Use your words, but don't speak unless permitted, raise your hands and wait until called on ? Can you see the programming ? Follow the good book ? Attend church, pay your taxes, donate, volunteer, serve your communities ? These are the actions of people who through the educations of business and laws, have used these things to govern your lives, and within these things, the competition over vast paramount amounts of your, our money is being fought over. The rich in competition of our lives. And we are allowing it. You think these people who WRITE, IMPOSE AND ENFORCE THE LAWS ON YOU, WILL ALLOW THOSE SAME LAWS BE APPLIED TO THEM ? That's like asking your bully to be nicer or fairer to you ? Don't fight your enemies back, let us settle this disagreement for you ? Like with heroin , your criminal government uses your money and ignorance to hand out free needles and NARCAN, forcing you the people to use illegal drugs buy denying you legal ones ? Like free needles for addicts, they supply the ammunition buy these terrorist. Domestic terrorist attacking who ? You silly rabbits, tricks are for kids, when lady justice is deaf dumb and blind so are its people under this foolishness. The media created this through lies, programming the black population to believe they were hunted buy evil white police, they used their power of the media to spin narratives which sparked anger and civil unrest, this led to widespread protest to upcoming elections of the presidential race, events that would be used buy one criminal to discredit and accuse the other criminal of things like being racist and a traitor. Black anger fueled buy the media was then shifted from white police, to all police, to white people, but not all white people, only whites claiming other whites as racist ? As the world turned you sheeple fell victim to this psychological warfare, your tensions grew towards each other, one side becoming violent over the other. Follow the headlines from the most adorned criminal ever killed, this one event of a criminals actions caused how many deaths , crimes and violences since ? Ripple effects ? The media and these politicians turning you in each other, their mind weapons fueled buy your emotions, these are those results, Americans different than other Americans attacking and killing each other ? Our kids, killing our kids ? Our people, killing our people ? And what is their solution ? Taking away our God given rights ? We the people are being attacked buy the people and for this, our own government wants to attack our freedoms ? Can you see your programming yet ? This logic will lead to their systems failure…Stop blaming the youth, your children when you me all of us send them to daily brainwashing camp…One we all attended and get updates through the news and media entertainment you download and process everyday…CIVIL WAR AND WORLD WAR IS NOT COMING, IT IS HERE…WE ARE UNDER ATTACK FROM WITHIN OUR OWN GOVERNMENTS IN EVERY BRANCH BOTH STATE AND FEDERAL. They have infiltrated these bodies and these are those results. Their actions effect people's lives and when those people are psychological and physically abused over time these are those results, people blaming and lashing out as a result and we the victims of this suffer even more. This is your leadership ? You put business and greed before life and liberty, you allowed this united nation to be ran like a company and you the people their employees, you earn wages buy building their version of reality, where you can be apart of it as long as you are in compliance and failure to comply results in penalties which include death or termination ? Killing is a crime unless it's to uphold any and all laws ? You choose liars in fancy suits and criminals over people like you ? You choose what you wish you were instead of what you are, and in choosing these rich thieves, liars and criminals, you pay for it…The news ? What's news ? What they show you or what they don't show you ? Follow the headlines, the frequencies and locations of these attacks and buy who, on who ? For you buy you ??? Awake ??? Stop lying to yourselves liars…

cwbeasy1987 says:

"I was never really into dicks" lol

"Dicks is screwing America over"

Little immature of me but I laughed very hard at those 2 statements

Dustin 2112 says:

Let an overpriced retail chain business choose to sell or not sell whatever they want; its only a matter of time before the fold or implode.

~~~~~~~~~~~ HOWEVER ~~~~~~~~~~~

Not allowing an adult between the ages of 18-20 to purchase something that you do allow anyone 21 years old or older to purchase? Sounds like AGE DISCRIMINATION to me and well that is not legal now, is it?

Parrot Bill says:

I've been in Dicks one time and never went back. They have a poor sellection and their prices are much higher than anywhere else.

Noah Gadsden says:

When I was in 7th grade I had a female algebra teacher that was ex-marine that killed terrorist overseas she would have been very offended by this video and she wanted to bring her gun to school but because of laws in Florida she could not do that

Carver Jordan says:

Philippines is a gun free country yet they have the highest illegal export of 1911's

Carver Jordan says:

Why do we keep talking about only CRIMINALS will get guns, the real point is that fake guns will be molded and made

ScentlessApprentice7 says:

If it were a Conservative that made such a ridiculous claim that female teachers can't carry guns simply because "they wear skirts", they would be lambasted as a sexist for the simple suggestion that ALL WOMEN wear SKIRTS. GASP

Thomas George says:

Gotta go to Moes

Kane III says:

To be honest I don't know anyone who shops at Dick's. Anytime I been in there its as barren as a graveyard. It seems more like a desperate plea for publicity than anything.

Robert Lataoan says:

I always thought they sold dicks. Mine was fine so I never went there.

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