Full Show – WARNING: Massive False Flag Incoming, Globalists Pushing To Destroy Free Speech

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Free speech is under censorship assault by globalists while Infowars serves as the bulwark for the rest of alternative media. Furthermore, the mainstream push for normalizing gun control found victory with retail giant Dick’s Sporting Goods’ announcement to stop selling “assault-style” rifles. Also, spread the word for Thursday’s Operation Paul Revere 2018! Today’s in-studio guest is NaturalNews.com’s Mike Adams discussing current developments in natural health. Roger Stone hosts the final hour.

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Worldin Pains says:

All these factors fit me. Lmao But make no mistake, I am awaken, spiritually, mentaly and physically.. You need guns, I don´t..

Worldin Pains says:

That healthranger guy is incredible.. Old and grey, like me haha. But a lot more intelligent, than Alex..:P

My Channel says:

2:15:54 You all GOTTA hear this… LOL:

Worldin Pains says:

If Alex goes off, so are WE. They KNOW that, and WE know it too. They don´t want that.. AND they don´t KNOW our sweat and TEARS. We NEVER give up! Have a good Saturday Alex, love U always!

Worldin Pains says:

Still Alive and Kickin´ DIRT(BAGS). My One and only Alex!!! My Best Friend Ever!, though we never met! Don´t behave!!

Ptah Ar 23 says:

Truth is Eternal
Honesty has Humour

Chester Gilbert says:

I don't trust youtube but following my recommendations is fun.

Enerki says:

Jesus, we live in some High-Tech Dark Ages with people on speed …

Proud to be We: Reb's Community says:

IN collage we learned how to do APA. that means sources, for any comments, (that are not Your own) why does the media, and those on YOutube do the same? Also Critical thinking, critical researching, is media's responsibility, which means check and recheck sources. Critical Reading and Listening is our part the Listener, we then need to do our own research on what we are told.

chris jones says:

"Ill not say his name….He's known, his name is Zach.. First name" comedy

Shawn William says:

The hilarious part is the people in this comment section when do you present them with actual facts they accuse people of trolling but when they actually troll with nonsense they ask people why they won't debate them with actual facts, no wonder all you weirdos are always talking about 1984 and orwellian terms instead of being against them you guys actually use them, you read 1984 and said Gee sounds like a great idea

Shawn William says:

That is so awesome Scientologist Mike Adams on the show today striking one out for l.ron Hubbard right Mike?

Shawn William says:

But the most important question is how has any single one of these conspiracy theories, because that's what they are theories once they're proven they become actual conspiracies, how is it ever helped any of you get a job get a promotion get along better with people or enable you to have better discussions with people?

Shawn William says:

He talks about issues years decades 70 years ago at this point almost with the Democrats and the KKK during segregation, minorities are certainly not the KKK the truth about what happened or as Christian pornography star Millie Weaver like to say "but here's the reality"Republicans experimented in 1954 and picking up voters who were disgusted with desegregation, a senate election in 1956 showed that the racist Block in America was a powerful one, because in 1956 the first u.s. Senator was elected on a platform of the biblical basis for denying blacks voting rights and the biblical argument against desegregation, the rest is history and the term started the change to states rights and all that garbage. Only in the mind of a diss Infowars follower are they actually informed to everyone else in the outside you people are jokes, every single independent study has proved that people who live in a right-wing Echo chamber or the most ill-informed people on the face of the planet there are a group of hateful religiously superstitious fuckwits

Shawn William says:

Also he's lied to you for years about how Hitler was put in power in Germany an absolute lie he was never once elected he was appointed by the chancellor, the reason the real people in power are scared of actual democracy is because High interest at the top the checks and balances at the founding of this nation's were put in place to ensure the safety of the elite and to make sure that the regular citizen would never get a voice

Shawn William says:

Why did you link the Cambridge analytica Company founded by George Mercer, together they started Breitbart News, the company that bragged about having 5,000 data points to monitor the emotions of every single American in the country yet the cried privacy invasions back in the day.

Shawn William says:

How can you not see the hypocrisy of a man who talked about divide and conquer strategies yet he was constantly race-baiting and talking about Islam without mentioning like he used to the fact that it was the US that caused the radicalization in funding of Saudi Arabia Taliban all kinds of other things he doesn't talk about that much anymore

Shawn William says:

And for god sakes why don't you just follow the court order and let your wife have access to the children don't you always talk about family values

Shawn William says:

Also when you had your bimbo brain dead hitter and split girl Millie Weaver at Berkeley didn't you post the entire interview.

Shawn William says:

Why do you sell supplements in charge four times the price just for the Infowars label why do you say that your shirts and clothes are made in America when the only thing made in America is the Infowars decal the shirt itself is made in Indonesia and other third world Sweatshop countries

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