Hundreds Protest Bay Area ICE Arrests

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Protesters chanted ‘shut ICE down’ outside the Immigration and Customs Enforcement office Wednesday in San Francisco. They gathered to protest recent ICE arrests of more than 150 people living illegally in northern California. (Feb. 28)

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Scott Pomeroy says:

These are not immigrants they are illegal aliens big difference

Craig R says:

Report all illegal activity!!!!!

Craig R says:

0:06 see the guy to the right in the back? This is how most of us Americans are taking this……

Der Panda says:

No one is against immigration, many are against illegal immigration.

Hope Springseternal says:

Thanks for destroying California.

Freddie DeJesus says:

Lunatic liberal socialists

Pat Fenis says:



@057 Immigrants made us strong. SURE, but what immigrants? Litterate europeans that all accepted aristotoleans logigcs and not some somalis that acept only the Qu'ran as the only source of wisdom. "Qur'an salt and fresh water can not mix". Proof enough that the Qura'n is not scientifically significent and should be ragarded as myth.

Jewish Privilege says:

Wamens. Faggots. Spics. Soyboys.

All of the above are Jew media brainwashed retards. Worthless retards.

Shell Smith says:

Illegals you are here illegally. You have no rights…your illegal. Okay do process..your still here illegally. Been here for years and stopped your paperwork because you had your feet on American soil but your still here illegally. Were given free this free that but your still illegal. ICE cant arrrest due to Sanctuary cities and when they do they find that they are hardened criminals. Im glad they say the percentages of how many are the bad criminals. Your illegal and the past 8year president did something illegal which allowed you to flood in illegally. You came used your children and the violin music to tug at Americans and we felt sorry but once you separated yourself snd started with the N word and crime we no longer are sympathetic to you and yours. You protest and bring you nations flag but never bring the US flag. The same flag that allows you to be here illegally snd protest.

Blitz Wolfer says:

Release the gas

Glen Savage Quagmire says:

Whites are here illegally let that sink in … and the own government doing the killing and blaming it on other countries . Who’s the real criminals???

TheJuggalo509 says:

Very treasonous

Dentysta Statysta says:

The Mexicans are protesting for obvious reasons.

The women are there because they want to destroy the country just to get brown dick. Maximizing their own sexual market value by maximizing the number of men is something that women will always do.

Hell, if you gave them the ability women would probably summon unfathomably terrible monsters just to get dick.

The soyboys are just trying to signal to the women that they are nice guys in an attempt to get laid. That will not work.

Maine_Life_ 207 says:

Borders language and culture.

Bradley Coates says:

deport deport deport

dmitriy40 says:

Deport all illegals now!
Go ICE!!!

Black Iron Tarkus says:

these gross liberals should go border hop to Mexico. then they can live with all the Mexican criminals they want and wouldnt need to bring them here

heat cliff says:

The TALIBAN is now a government. Soon ISIS will join ICE because America is full of slaves with no brains.

edwin g says:

You don't have to worry about families being broken up if you would bring them here legally in the first place! If you don't respect the laws of this land you don't deserve to be here.

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