Liberal College Students Take On Infowars Reporter And Embarrass Themselves

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Jake Lloyd took to the UT campus today to ask students some simple questions, but instead of having a discussion they chose to embarrass themselves.

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Dixie Shuffler says:

Quit passing out drugs in college's, PLEASE!!! Liberal logic is shit!!! VERY OBVIOUSLY there should have been ALOT MORE CONTRACEPTION about 18 to 20 years ago.

Fred Perry says:

I think he means David Icke

Irvin Alberto says:

Haha, the last one made me laugh. That guy eats soy.

HandsOnTheWheel says:

I loved that last girl, her hunch back was beautiful

2denni says:

Do you take anything with soy in it?

Inevitable fitness says:

he has talked about lizard people

Christopher Pavlis says:

This is amazing, our "informed youth" lmao. GTFO

k M says:

that last kid totally didnt deserve it lol

Michelle Loveless says:

Lil commies

Jeff Darby says:

Was he at an insane asylum???

Tam Staaa says:


Mario Pina says:

This kidsparents fucked upbyenot aborting

ItisI Here says:

These liberal Idiots will make sure these children are going to vote, by pitting a gun to their heads…..

ItisI Here says:

These are our future McDonald's burger flippers guys….

pandoras box says:

So the girl saying he’s attacking women of color and then she said hey don’t know anything about your platform. Is she saying they are not as informed as you white girl??? Isn’t that racist.

pandoras box says:

Again the left won’t engage in a full conversation they just want to say no comment ? We don’t want to talk anymore. Well you have to talk forts to stop talking

Ready For war says:

Wow these people are brain dead

joey coco says:

i like how the white woman dragged the colored women away like she was a dissident dog on a leash. i will always maintain the progressives are the real racists, and like to use "minorities" as numbers and algorithms in the voting both and for a personal feel of virtue like there taking care of a stupid incapable rescue dog.

joey coco says:

hahaha i like this guy!

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