Must Watch The Most Powerful Laura Ingraham Angle Of 2018

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Patrick Howland says:

hey Joe Wayne. how cowardly is it to trash a whole audience and disable the comments so they cannot defend themselves? not an alex Jones fan but I will call out coward shit when I see it. I like Ur videos but u don't even have Ur own content. u just recycle fox news clips. way to make urself look petty bud good job.

Shane Horner says:

Lets say this nutcase could not get a gun, do we think it is the solution ? Knives kill more than double what a gun does. Who gets a gun is the best you can do ,without guns nutcases would just blow people up.

John Jacob says:

The real cause is the sheriff and FBI laid down on the job let it happen after this guy had over 40 plus violent complaints filed on him and was a known threat. All in the name of politics, just shameful.

David Westhoff says:

Remove God and this is what you get

David Westhoff says:

Here's how you deal with it, enforce the laws already on the books…fire that police chief in broward country

David Westhoff says:

Please stop the liberals from interrupting, that's what pisses me off the most.

My Name Is Jeff says:

Dude how the fuck do these dumb ass people even become congressmen.

546 cowboy says:

There is a brainwashed school age fool who has no idea why he is against anything other than what media propaganda tells him. When you are of age and actually in the world you will change your mind on the NRA and their protection of your rights.

Without the vigilance of the NRA on your Second Amendment rights what you are doing right now will be under attack. Yess you little wimp, free speech will be next on their agenda and the Constitution itself is their target.

We do not listen to children and have age limits because they know nothing about reality yet. Just imagine what America would be like if children ran America.

apache pete says:

Laura …Soooo proud of you for Sticking it to that Dumbfuk Demorat..LOVE your ANGLE and you are an ANGEL

Nobleeagle100 says:

America better not commit the same mistake of voting for another extreme leftist like Obama

moni Moni says:

Sorry acp, I gotta disagree on this one. This is not about planned parenthood. They are trying to win an argument by bringing up something that has nothing to do with gun control. Shame on Laura, she would never let a liberal get away with this kind of fraud

Gordon KAUFERT says:

This is my personal solution I will not spend a dime on any of the companies that boycott the NRA and I'm not a member but I'm going to join.

Latifah Gordeeva says:

We had the same debate when I was his age. We had shootings among young people they just weren't MASS shootings. I feel these are all copycats of Columbine. When I was a teenager it was INDIVIDUAL gun owners not the NRA. We blamed violent movies and music. Our shootings we teens and kids shooting themselves and each other with guns found in the household. It still happens now just doesn't get reported as much.

Bill Dolbow says:

Jeus christ get over abortion. Who will pay to raise these unwanted children? Over 330,000 new welfare dependants every year? With all the border jumpers children we need to pay to feed and educate, let women get abortions. If i could get pregnant i wouldnt want the government demanding a god damn thing of me

Michelle Passmore says:

No one is listening to the man on the right. He makes me sick with all the lies

Michelle Passmore says:

Great show Laura. Everyone join the NRA

lostro one says:


Chainsaw Surgeon says:

How do you become a tyrinical government? Create a crisis, even kill , then create a law that will control the population, every country does this on their road to a pure dictatorship. Yet no news anchor speaks out about the true agenda, New World Order, One World Government.

Howdidy says:

My very large family who is tight knit and is vigilant for attending reunions have boycotted Symantec.Boycott the boycott.

Paul Edwards Cowboy says:

well John doesn't know anything about the Boston Tea Party because that was about taxation without representation

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