You Have To See To Believe The All Out In Your Face Suppression Of The Technocracy’s Biggest Threat

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You Will Seriously Be Blown Away By The Overt All Out Suppression Documented AGAIN… ByThe ACP313


Carlos Moreno says:

Everyones censored but liberals

Jack 2 says:

I don't know about all of you but I'm tired of being jerked around by idiots whose main requirement for their positions are psychopathy and sadism. These people really are stupid.

Angel with an a says:

The 7 pointed star of thelema, alister crowley, star of Babylon.

alexandraitzhaki says:

Anti – semite much… no truth here

dan myers says:

you're a dumb ass, boy. get off the net…

Terminator FUTURE says:

Dude- This is THE lamest thing i've seen on YT in 7 years.
Get a voice boy.

busymountain says:

Say where and when ……

clammer23 says:

Holy crap at this video. The creepy factor is off the charts in this video

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