President Donald Trump announces initiative on historically black colleges | ABC News

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The president will deliver remarks about additional leadership in the White House’s initiative on historically black colleges and universities.

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tang inamo bobo says:

Trump : make america WHITE again!!!

Lake Lake-Arrak says:

we like resolutions not conflict, we live on a simliar wave length, interviewing from vancouver, canada""!! and have a pleasant flight in two days!!""

bill bixby says:


Bimmer Apprentice says:

Still waiting for Trump to make slavery legal again

Yu Tuberisto says:

Ask yourselves..why would POTUS want to help those for whom he can do nothing right (just read many of the comments)? Your leader, like any entertainer, teacher, coach etc, performs far better with more enthusiasm when they are encouraged, applauded, appreciated. The extreme progressives (small in number but loud and deceptive in voice) are steering their constituents into a downward spiral. The progressives just talk and undermine society while doing nothing for those they are brainwashing. The dems had the opportunity to improve intercity education, improve intercity job prospects, reform immigration…but they did absolutely nothing. The dems insist on keeping their "subjects/constitutents" dependent (hand-outs, free this and free that) so that the "subjects" continue to need the dems and their handouts to exist. The dems do not improve the lot of their "subjects" because they need their votes. If their "subjects" can not afford to sacrifice the handouts the dems give them, then they will continue to vote for the dems. The dems have a vested interest in keeping people dependent. The dems are simply using the people they profess they are trying to help. You did not and will not see any improvement in your lives with the dems because they need the same "issues" to run for office year after year. If the dems solve these issues, then they will have no issues to "rally" their constitutents with for the next election. Ask yourself, what has a democrat ever done for you personally to change your life in a real way? (Republicans: gave women the right to vote, Republicans freed the slaves, Republicans passed the civil rights act) Many people are lead to be confused between what some consider "privilege" when actually it is more accurately described as "work ethic." But the dems instead want to demonize hard work and appreciation and not give their "subjects" the pride, self-esteem and INDEPENDENCE derived from being taught a strong work ethic. Instead, the dems want to teach entitlement. People do not become rich and powerful without sacrifice, long hours, and hard work, appreciation, and morality. Trump is helping fund these schools, in spite of the constant criticism from those he is trying to help, because he believes each person is ENTITLED to the dignity that comes from independence, hard work, gratitude, and morality.

Connor Campbell says:

Well he's got a lot of other shit going on so, this matter is not so important right now

Bill Sandiego says:

Donald Trump smells like beans.

Juan Garcia says:

One of the Best Presidents; finally Obama era is over and we have a president who stands up for America's interests; he's making america proud again!!

Emma crowley says:

There is a snow storm 1 like = wish me luck

E R says:

Turn up the volume, President is an Honest American. Who ever set up the mic clearly did not want this to be heard. Why is the advertising so loud?

Juan Garcia says:

Its obvious and clear how racist this president is. Its proven!, the way he looks at, his hands posture and his hair style, just show how much hate he has for minorities.

Viit Alttaa says:

Did Obama recognize anything achieved by African American? Please can you enumerate for our knowledge instead of hate and criticism all the time??.

CLRaider says:

i'll wait for the REAL Donald trump at 3 am in the morning on twitter. or when he have another one of his "rallies" this week.

Erika Monterroso says:

He loves every bit of his job and loves all people of color. Get over it. He's a great courageous President.

Crimsonphilosophy says:

He doesn't know what this is and he doesn't care.

austin wheat says:

Trump is so stupid and should be replaces by a bee

Tobias Forge says:

Don't people see this this whole topic is extremely racist ? Plus, I think most people know a degree from an all black college is basically worthless. Only a racist would hire someone who attended a college based on racism.

Roland Lytle says:

Trump is pitiful! No wonder he was ranked worst president ever by presidential historians recently:
He received a score of 12 out of 100 and that ranked him dead last. Obama received a score of 71 and that ranked him 8th overall among American presidents. Even when only using the scores of Republican historians Trump was 40th of 44.

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