Sean Hannity 3/2/18 | Sean Hannity Fox News Today March 2, 2018

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Sean Hannity 3/2/18 | Sean Hannity Fox News Today March 2, 2018

Candid, controversial, and completely unleashed, Sean brings you political news of the day!
Hosted by Sean Hannity

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we NEED a 2nd investigator. Been needing that


Calirfornia is a mess! the American citizens are homeless- lving in their cars. the illegals are crammed into houses and apts they rent with 50 ppl per abode which has caused the rent to rise beyond what normal American couples and normal sized family's can afford. Now they want to split California into 3 different states! Dem's are wrecking Calif. what else is new


where's Hannity?

Mysticalymystifiedmyopicmorph says:


Bo Staph-Maverix says:

I am have come to the conclusion, JeffSessions has received credible threats from interagency Deep Staters. To use old terminology Sessions has been gotten to. He has so changed his tune after being appointed it is breath taking. People forget in Clinton's first term FILEGATE that Hillary's subordinate illegally took hundreds of FBI surveilence and investigative files on both Democrates and Republicans. I recall they set up a computer in the white house basement. It was reported on this computer Hillary has their enemies list. It was reported at the time that the DNC was furious as Hillary had taken their Party's donor list and put it on that computer as well.

When they left they took either all the data and or the computer as well. This is where her files began in the US Government. Files or house and senate members.

People do not realized that when she was elected New York Statues Jr Senator. She gained the ability to dig up data on newer Senator's and House members, and on people of influence in these agencies. She did not have the security at that time to get FBI files but she was feathering her nest with further people to lean on, to call in debts, and to network with those in hand already to gather all the more.

Obama it was reported many times HATED the Clintons. Bill was caught making racist remarks like the one about just a few years ago Obama would have been serving us at our table. THE ELEPHANT IN THE CLOSET is why did obama make Hillary into his Co-Preasident

Why? Hillary was the one that was the first birther. He campaign brought up that O might not have been born in the US. We can now see how she really is when she lose an election. She did not simply let it go that Obama had won. She would have called in favors, and used the FBI CIA NSA like a door mat to find the dirt she wanted. That is so obvious. Yet No One Brings That Up.

They are afraid to. The FBI Agents in their emails said they were afraid of Hillary. They were sure she was going to win. That influence did not happen that day that week or that year. It was there long before then.

When she forced O to make her secretary of state with not one drip of experience — I could only happen that she had something and probably a lot of somethings on O that were so damning he NOT ONLY let her have that possition. Not the deputy but the full Secretary of State position.

She became Obama's co president. She had the full reign with obama not saying a single word about her using her position to collect donations for the Clinton Foundation. She did not hide that as evidence has been given by an office hire. She set up appointments for donors and used the office to get grants and get deals for donors. Obama would have know all this. Yet he never said ONE WORD.

But the MOST IMPORTANT THING is when she became secretary of state she received the highest clearance to see and handles all documents from FBI CIA NSA and on and on. She was determined that her loss to Obama would never happen again. She spread out her net in every agency to get as many as she could under her thumb. To answer her every beck and call. She also gained all of Obama's hires in these agencies.

To suggest that she has dirt, very damning dirt on Sessions is not some remote far flung idea. It is virtually FACT. He was one of the Most Senior Republicans and had positions to investigate agencies. Hillary was not one to put anything to chance here.

IF I were in the Senate or House leadership I would be directly investigating who she was playing footsy with in these agencies and I would investigate what FBI CIA NSA etc files her department were pulling that she had NO BUSINESS looking at.

That is not information that can be sealed. This is the other side of the coin that her people were unmasking Americans and Getting FISA Warrents.

I might add we know now of this one regarding Page. We DO NOT KNOW what other fisa warrents they may have gotten. No one has asked if that go that one what others did they get in like manner.

I do not beleive for a minute all those hundreds of people were unmasked and no investigations were done on others. I do not beleive that no other FISA warrents were garnered for unmasked people.

I would search Sessions phone calls emails odd contacts. and bank accounts to see if something is amiss that would indicate black mail. I would look at people he is close to. that something soured in recent history with. People that he now avoids. The evidence is out there. In DC someone and ussually multiple someones see everything and listen in to everything.

I am saying that I beleive that sessions himself is commiting obstruction of Justice, that he his shielding Hillary from being investigated in not one but in a number of cases. We do not know all the charges that surround her Urainium One, Her computer the 33,000 files under supoena she destoryed the phone sim cards the hard drives she destoryed with hammers. These are only a small list of actual crimes she committed, crimes that are being kept out of sight

Last I understand that Uranium one is moving into statute of limitations territory. She is having people hold off to run out the clock for her on a number of these things.

Did you know that the FIRE in the clinton home that fire fighters reported the fire was in their server room that they saw burned hard drives and heaps of burnt files. The fire set off alarms and the house was filled with smoke as she and her people were purging everything they could find. This is a second big destruction of files drives and data that is still under supoena.

Yes that was reported in just a few news outlets. That was all the while that Captain Wrong Way is investigating Russiagate but omitting everything regarding hillary. He is also gotten to. His famous move is to screw up stuff for the clintons that it can never be investigated again. Captain wrong way is also obstructing justice for himselves his buddies and for hillary

THAT should be first and foremost on house and senate leaders that this is happening right under their noses. and they seem powerless to get down to what the special prosecutor is himself obstructing. To permanantly take it out of any future investigations.

This is what everyone needs to scream about until people begin to do what the law says they are supposed to do.

Heidi Singh says:

what I truly think is going on has to do directly with Pedo-Gate. The Deep State may have threatened Sessions' family and young grandchildren. Remember the video where he batted away Joe Biden's hand from touching his granddaughter? Sessions is deferring almost every decision to Rod Rosenstein and I thought he wad supposed to be the boss… Yep this reeks of threats and bribes.

Fred Weatherly says:

Once Obama politicized the FBI and the CIA, it was game over. Libs have been salting the courts with anti-Constitutional activists, and now they are holding hands with leftist rebels in the FBI and the DOJ.

pappy hayes says:

This lawyer is a class 1 loser who really needs to learn to understand what he is supposed to be discussing. How did he become a lawyer? Box of cracker jacks?

Bob Radford says:

Any idiot should know to tangle with the judge, it is not good. She wins every time..

Marilyn Cerna says:

They are trying to turn strong men into fairies so the next generation of men won't have the masculinity to fight the deep state and police state! Gay men will be to feminine to want to be the protectors thus obeying big brother!

Dennis Secret says:

My god, you guys on Fox "News" are trying hard to get news that shines light on the President, aren't you. Waste of time. Trump is spiraling into his own abyss, and about time. Bye.


Like 90% of fox news is opinion shows now?

Dinold Tramp says:

Jenny looks like such a slut. No wonder she is a personal friend of prezzie Dump.

crazy bastrd says:

This guy is a child. Why is he on this show? He hasnt had an adult conversation in his life. No way he is an attorney

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