Is Jared Kushner next to leave Trump White House?

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Jared Kushner has allegedly been peddling his Trump White House credentials to influence foreign policy in an attempt to save his sinking real estate business. Former Watergate prosecutor Richard Ben-Veniste tells CBC The Weekly’s Wendy Mesley the Trump administration seems to lack any ‘normative behaviour.’
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Intrinsically Me says:

Play with the devil expect to get hell

goldenthroat86 says:


Neil Munro says:

poor QUALITY NEWs Innuendo only!!!! Banana republic?? shows questionable understanding of what looks like in practice!!! Have they shown the same interest in the Clinton foundation or The HILLIARY Questions that NEEDS to be discussed openly with – OUT
perceived prodigious on the media as a whole. Could this be the two tear system in operation!! THE LISTENER WILL DECIDE ULTAMATELY!!!

joe segovia says:

Kushner (like Trump) aren't drawing a WH salary. Why should they when they're drawing a huge bonus from their present positions.

babakmo says:

leave ? The only place this HE/SHE is going is to prison.

3rdworldtraveler says:

Mueller finishing Jared's cage now

vool4u says:

Qatar- "Cutter" LMAO

Kay y. Hong says:

I like Jared and Ivanka — they are doing a great job helping trump run the circus in the west wing.

Diesel 69 says:

Trump is the best at draining his own swamp. Lol.
What a bunch of criminals family and staff.
Yes go away and MAGA, please.

saiid23 says:

Here is a Donald Trump collusion mashup….please watch and share.

Nora Liliannita says:

Why are we only now talking about the fact that he has a property at the address 666… I might even relevant information before?

Cole O'Driscoll says:

He shouldn’t even be in this position. Isn’t this nepotism?

Thomas Moeller says:

Off topic. Eric Trump height is reported to be 6'5". Don Jr is reportedly 6'1. The Donald's recent physical says 6'3" but in a photo in this video. Jr is same height as Sr and Eric is almost a full head taller. So who's lying (again?).

S R says:

Go Richard Painter! Keep telling it like it is.


Clowns Trump is the most upfront person alive he surrounds himself with people who can be trusted by him

bossmarion says:

The CBC dealing in shameless hearsay and speculation. Gossip.

DCFunBud says:

What is going to happen when Jared Kushner reaches puberty?!

Wake-Up America says:

America DEMANDS better than a REALITY SHOW Government!

DCFunBud says:

The Kushner-Trump marriage was a union of criminal dynasties. Should anyone be surprised by Jared Kushner's actions?

muskog says:

So the investigation is not about Russian collusion anymore………Wendy skates past that point without even flinching. CBC very biased.

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