🇲🇲 Brides and Brothels: The Rohingya Trade | 101 East

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They have survived rape and the slaughter of their families. Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya girls and women fled Myanmar to escape a military crackdown.

In Bangladesh’s refugee camps they thought they would be safe. But inside the tents that house almost a million Rohingya refugees, women and girls are being bought, sold and given away.

Girls are being forced into marriage because relatives can’t afford to feed them, or are being lured to brothels with the promise of good jobs. We investigate the dangers still facing Rohingya women, and meet the people seeking to exploit them.

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Queen of Radom!!! says:

In Islamic law, the girl has a voice. She can go against the marriage is she wants to. However, if she does not speak they take the silence as a no. And if the girl isn't a virgin or something (U don't remember it properly… Sorry) she has to be married or something…

I'm not exactly sure, but she does have a say.

bugoykulokoy79 says:

The situation of this people is very heart breaking, everything that is happening to them makes me angry from the forced exile to the force marriage and force prostitution. This is unacceptable.

baddmanaz says:

Unbelievable! Marrying off their 15-yr old daughter like that. Where do they think they live? In new hampshire where the legal age to get married for females is 13?

Manuel Delgado says:

rohingya is just bangladeshi. if you give them another name , they are still bangladeshi, speaking bangla, eating bangla food.

Skywordsee says:

This is so heartbreaking

layla philips says:

The father should know better in islam your not aloud to force your children to get married. Except if they want to.arranged marriage is only culture and not Islam .

GSHeverything _27 says:

Religions needs to be irradiated period

Ajeed Antoni says:

It is horrible… I do not feel to watch more….sorry

An Indian says:

You come and you settle in someone else's home and then after a few years you start demanding that home. How justified is this?…. Rohingyas are responsible for whatever is happening with them.

mayankhbgt says:

Where is the Islamic respect, prophecy…. these are third grade islam followers….

irfan says:

Let's all forget what was done to them by the evil Buddhists ,the root of the evil

terrylovesenegal says:

Humans are evil

Arlen Dones says:

It breaks my heart to see her being sent off against her will. She's just a child… :'(

Epi King says:

Arranged marriage is something i can never understand…the girl is just a kid! shame on the parents who allowed it to happen.

Henk Jacobse says:

Western media is so silent about this smh

nitay nunez says:

So they just needed another maid…

zia sheikh says:

Are there any rules and laws, or anyone who can retain humanity in Bangladesh.

lion head says:

My daughter will never go through this,

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