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Fifteen years after the US-led invasion of Iraq, the consequences of the subsequent war continue to be debated. According to the UN Refugee Agency more than four million people have been displaced. There is no widely accepted figure for civilian deaths, but estimates run from the hundreds of thousands into millions.

“Would we like a do-over, of course we would,” says Mark Kimmitt, retired US Brigadier General who served as deputy director of operations and chief military spokesman in Iraq from 2003 to 2004.

While Kimmitt accepts the US “did get some things wrong” in Iraq, he says his country’s military has nothing to apologise for.

Actions taken by the US at the beginning of the war continue to have reverberating consequences, including allegations that US detention centres such as Camp Bucca became breeding grounds for armed groups in Iraq and helped to lay the groundwork for the formation of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (also known as ISILor ISIS).

“I was worried at the time that the mass incarceration of what the troops on the ground believed to be security threats would come back to haunt us,” says Kimmitt. “I told that to my colleagues and I told that to my superiors.” While he agrees the Iraq War may have inspired violent groups, Kimmitt insists ISIL was not created in Iraq.

Kimmitt served in Iraq at a time of alleged massacres committed by US soldiers. When asked about dozens of unarmed civilians being killed in places like Fallujah, Haditha, Mahmoudiya and Balad, Kimmitt refutes any claim that civilians were intentionally killed by American soldiers.

“I am not suggesting for a moment that war doesn’t sometimes kill innocent civilians. That’s the price of war,” he says. “As a soldier what you do is try to minimise it at all costs. But anybody that believes that collateral damage doesn’t happen in war is living in a fool’s paradise.”

In this week’s UpFront special, we challenge former US Brigadier General Mark Kimmitt on the consequences and lessons learnt after 15 years of war in Iraq.

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James twelvemessages says:

امريكا تطالب كوريا الشمالية بنزع السلاح النووي، وهي تملكة! عجيب!

James twelvemessages says:

حقيقة مهدي حسن اعلامي اكثر من رائع، شخص فاهم مثقف يعرف اساليب النقاش، الله يحفظة امين.

العراق مستحيل ان ينسى كل الظلم الذي تعرض له من امريكا، نحن لا ننسى ملجا العامرية الذي قتل به مئات الاطفال، ولاننسى اول يوم الحرب 20/3/2003 تم ضرب بغداد ب 75 صاروخ كروز من البحر، ولاننسى الغدر بالجيش العراقي عند الانسحاب من الكويت بعد اتفاق الخيمة، ولاننسى ظهور الاف الفتن بسبب الحرب، الدواعش، الانصار، جيش المهدي، حزب الله، عصائب اهل الحق، والراشدين ، كتائب ثورة العشرين كلها مجموعات ارهابية سواء كانت سنية ام شيعية، كلها ظهرت بعد الاحتلال الامريكي للعراق.

كذلك حقائق اخرى اصبحت واضحة للناس فقد كانت احداث 11/9 كانت مجرد لعبة وصناعة امريكية لشن الحرب على الشرق الاوسط ونهب النفط العراقي، وعندما تاكد مفتشين الطاقة الذرية بعدم امتلاك العراق اسلحة الدمار الشامل، قامت امريكا بشن حرب مباشر، لو كان العراق يملك اسلحة دمار شامل لخافت منه امريكا ولم تشن حرب عليه.

على الدول في الشرق الاوسط وكل الدول العربية والاسلامية ان تصبح مثل كوريا الشمالية، لو نظرت الى خريطة العالم لوجدت ان كوريا الشمالية صغيرة جدا لكن العالم كله يخافها لماذا؟ لانهم يملكون القنبلة الهيدروجينية والصورايخ النووية.

الحل للخروج من هذا الوضع جدا سهل وهو… ارسل تعرف الحل

Michael Welsh says:

hey Iraq is much better place now 🙂

wilson suarez says:

Absolutely great intervier..

M. Royer says:

This was a brutally forthright conversation where no stone was left unturned. Great interview. We need more of these.

M. Royer says:

No American journalist would ever interview a US general in this way. Americans should ask themselves why that is.

Manan Qureshi says:

Mehdi is a iconoclastic journalist – and his interviews are mesmerizing to watch. However here he sadly fails to portray context. This guy is a solider . soldiers follow orders. Blame the policy – i.e. politicians.

jazz strider says:

Does usa need invading so they get it?

Seven Sevens says:

US wont apologize until they have taken all the oil.

errol m says:

Don't make me laugh. America apologise? If they did then they'd have to apologise to half the world. They've been sticking their big obnoxious nose into other countries for years. And the vanquished are happy to see their backs.

Hasib Abdullah says:

I love how Mahdi strangles these people and expose their ignorance and arrogance.

Dallas Taylor says:

Im American, was against the invasion of Iraq. This general doesnt represent the majority of Americans by a long shot. Donald Trump was elected campaigning on how completely backward the runaway wars are. The General needs to join the rest of humanity in the sobering reality of the result being a mature member of the global family. He seems like he would do it again in a skinny second.

Jude Ban says:

Iraq should apologise for invading kuwait

Vee Smith says:

They are too Cowardly to Apolgize

topher lagon says:

Those hypocrites should apologize to humanity.

fardeen Hussein says:

USA is the root of all terrorism in this world. USA is the root cause of all the trouble. Once your arms and ammunition withdrawn from other countries along with your soldiers, the world will live in peace.Since World War II the United States has killed over 20 million people in 37 different nations

mkfarah says:

Al Jazeera is cointel pro. Passing American imperial narratives. And this imbecile host is useless. He is begging this war criminal to admit what we all know to be true. What the viewers of this horrid program should ask is why he is even wasting time to interview a war criminal who took part in a genocide against the Iraqi people. Mahdi, you should interview the Iraqi people.

positive society says:

Now we know saddam hussain is great great greatest leader in the world but sadly still now some stupid believe US lies …..

Elaine Evans says:

One of the biggest blunders ever!

human man says:

Donot worry iraqis children, US will destroy soon. God willing

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