After NAACP Calls For National Gun Confiscation The TRUTH Hits Them In the FACE

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Randy DeSoto for the Western Journal reports, The president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People called for gun confiscation by the government and a national gun registry like the program implemented in Australia in the 1990s among other gun control measures.

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Michael Clancy says:

Ok, Let's confiscate the guns possessed by blacks first, assess how that works out, and then come for everyone else's guns. Up next? …. Knives, hammers, cars/trucks? Where/when does this brainless nonsense end?

Bad people do bad deeds. Taking away the implement used to commit those bad deeds won't stop those bad deeds. They will simply find another implement. Harsher punishment for bad deeds starting early in a child's life might be a good place to start.

Song Bird says:

how about just take all guns from blacks, the second amendment wasnt ment for farm equipment anyway might cut back on black on black crime anyway.

J.B. J.B. says:

Lmfaoo what a farce of an organization…those hypocritical dopes arent nowhere to be found in Chicago where in 2016 over 4000 ppl were shot…they dont utter a word as long as ghetto hoodrats are shooting ppl on a daily basis…absolutely absurd…smh

Dave Jan says:

NAACP knows damn well the black folks are NEVER going to willingly register THEIR guns. Just another black ploy to sucker the "white guilt " crowd into becoming SHEEP.

Tuhoe Te Uruwera says:

[]N[]azi []A[]ssociated []A[]nti []C[]ommunity []P[]opulist

BeardedBarley1 says:

Right on! I couldn't agree more.

Tom Andrejko says:

naacp needs to be shut down it is a RACIST ORGANIZATION !!!!!!!!

Tom Andrejko says:


James Pettigrew says:

Confiscate guns from urban ghetto areas only. Most of the firearms there are either stolen or smuggled in from Mexico. Mr. Trump, build that wall!

Trevia Smith says:

The NAACP has become a cancer.

J Gillespie says:

The naacp idiots are sounding like there prejudice against black people.

Justin Owens says:

Taking away guns won't stop bad people from getting there hands on them and using them anganst good people. If that school in Florida had trained armed security the death toll would have been reduced or none at all, even having the campus gated would of helped. Facts are facts and there will never be a total gun confiscation ESPECIALLY IN CALIFORNIA.

Alphonso Frett says:

Now I am ashamed of the NAACP


They can kiss my Richard!!!

AmericaainCapt says:

This isn't Australia, we will be keeping our Guns, and now I'm going to buy a couple assault rifles, fuck these prude assholes !

Jim Roberts says:

Screw the naacp

M C says:

yes black hood rats should not have firearms.if you don't have a mind a firearm in a mindless body is a bad plce to be.BHRWAFABTTH.aka black hood rats with a firearm a badthing to have….

Paul Peterson says:

The ACLU is also funded by our taxes. So we are paying these people to oppose truth and responsibility.

Mike Willson says:

Who cares what the NAACP thinks. LMAO

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