BREAKING: Gowdy Just ROCKED the DEEP STATE With BOLD Move that has EVERY Swamp Creature on NOTICE!

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Cristina Laila for the Gateway Pundit reports, On Tuesday, House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) and Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) demanded the appointment of a second special counsel to investigate FISA abuses

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Linda Cobb says:

Larry claimant special counsel

Linda Cobb says:

We need Larry claimant for spacial corneal

E Wood says:

Gowdy also said nothing will ever be done. I hope that was to put the criminals at ease, but he also thinks rhino Ryan is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I trust no one until I see nooses.

fred davis says:

Trey Gowdy is the man! I hope he runs for President someday!

terry hill says:

I am just freaking tierd of the jibbing on all sides push all the buttons, may the best live

Robert Carter says:

There must and will be a second special Council that has to investigate the corrupted criminal FBI. Who is to believe that the FBI is going to investigate themselves when they're the criminal that will never happen there has to be a second entity that investigates these rotten criminals in the FBI

Richard Moore says:

I'm from Canada and I think you need a special council, there is far to much corruption and the whole world can see what has been going on. It's making Americans look stupid to the whole world watching these people get away with this.

robjl619 says:

Yes we need Gowdy, and we need a second special council, immediately!

Patriotic Oath says:

Of course we need a special council; the corruption that has been slowly put into place in the Federal Government can only be found and eradicated by outsiders. Just as we would never be so aware of this corruption if we had not voted in an outsider that would not be bought or corrupted for want of power. We have the next 2 yrs, hopefully 6 yrs, to crush, and imprison, a lot of cockroaches and get this republic back to being a free and law abiding group of nations.

Stephen Worrall says:

Nothing is going to happen when are people going to get that.

Roadking911 says:

And video is now unavailable. Wtf?

Anthony Falcon says:

Doh can't do it job.. it fuble the ball in so. Case do you think it going to donut job on it self. I don't trust my government nd will never trust it.. o for me this a dog and pony show..

reg profant says:

No problem Hillary and her buddies will just kill him and say suicide

Paul Marshall says:

We need special counsel and we should demand it NOW! it’s unbelievable that these criminals think they can get away with this….

P C BARR says:

Yep special counsel please.

RJ Bene says:

We have needed a special counsel from the get-go! Right out of the gate it was obvious that this was a treasonous Meuler witch-hunt!
The entire investigation is a blatant coup! A grandiose attempt to overthrow our president by undo means!
As far as I am concerned Robert Mueller the DNC and the DOJ have abused the Nation in an attempt to overthrow our President and the will of the people, in their Relentless efforts to topple our government.
The Progressive left has one goal.That goal is to subjugate the American people under the despotic extremism of liberal rule.

o bummer 14-4 says:

We need someone with the will prosecute we already know what the facts are

amund amundson says:

we need the special council because the whole thing stinks

Blue Cobra says:

Yes we need a second special council.

Elizabeth Guazzo says:

Sessions needs to go!!!

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