BREAKING: Paul Ryan Publicly HUMILIATED After Trump Announcement Triggers One Company to Act

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Jim Hoft for the Gateway Pundit reports, Speaker Paul Ryan pushed back against President Donald Trump’s announcement to place tariffs on foreign aluminum and steel.

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Bronzesnake says:

The days of elite politicians who feel entitled to their wealth, but never do anything to raise up the wealth of the American people who elected them, and further, anytime someone does anything such as what Trump has been doing for an entire year, which has direct, huge benefit for the "under classes" the wealthy arrogant globalist politicians become outraged!

Those days are over assholes! You filthy corrupt pen of pigs are supposed to be following a very specific mandate, to work for the "little people" who elected you, and not to work toward your own wealth, and power at the expense of the electorate! These corrupt pigs don't even pretend to be following their actual mandate!

They have destroyed the middle class ON PURPOSE, and serve their globalist elite puppet masters, and they actually believe the people are too dumb to recognize when we're getting rumped!

They still don't get it, they have not the slightest clue why so many people voted Trump into office! And when we know know at least SEVEN MILLION Killary votes were fraudulent, that means Trump actually won the largest majority of votes in U.S. history!

He put an end to the corrupt lobbying that has controlled corrupt politicians for decades, and benefited the banksters, and corporate swine, at the great expense of the people. Now we see the horrific, sickening depth of the corruption when it looks very highly likely that those children were murdered by CIA operatives, dressed in police tactical gear, and have pinned the bloodbath of nonsense on this psychologically damaged young man!

We know now that there are operatives behind the scenes who will do anything to solidify their global aspirations, and sickening wealth, including taking down the twin towers, murdering 3,000 people, and Sandy Hook, most likely they were involved with Columbine, and this latest tragedy!

Eye witnesses, at least one being a teacher, witnessed a shooter in police tactical, swat gear firing down a hallway, and into locked rooms including the one she was in!!

Then we see video of "police" CIA operatives hauling heavy equipment in large duffel bags, which they rushed into an unmarked pick up truck and booked it out of there!

It's sickening to realize there are elements within our country who are willing to murder whoever they feel they need to, including children, in order to get what they want, and in this case it's YOUR guns!!
These pigs are also behind all these attacks on campuses against conservatives, and free speech!

This is so deep, and when I see collage/university level youth completely dumbed down the such a degree that they are incapable of critical thinking, problem solving, and very basic comprehension skills! They don't have a clue about what "fascism" is, and are completely ignorant about what "racism" is! These youth think anyone they disagree with is a racist, and fascists! THEY are attacking free speech, THEY are rioting in the streets and campuses, THEY are demanding a change from capitalist, republic democracy to Marxist communist!!

This is the direct result of allowing left, pseudo "liberals" run the education system, and create curriculum!
There is an entire lost generation of collage/university aged youth right here in AMERICA in 2018!!
The rot has sunk deep and has done incredible damage, and until, or unless we expose these pigs and root them out, we are going to fall to the globalists, such as Bill Gates of Hell, who has killed, and cripple over 40,000 Indian children, the poorest, most malnutritioned children on the planet!

This is who Gates chose to test his magic disease curing "vaccines" on, away from the public eye where he can kill and cripple a few thousand meaningless Indian children!!

This bastard say his vaccines will cure all diseases, including cancer, and incredibly, he says this will lead to a large population reduction globally!

Ya, that's 100% true Gates of Hell, when your "vaccine" people that does cure all their diseases, and reduces the population you filthy child murdering swine!

Gates might not give a shit about some meaningless Indian children, among the poorest on the planet, but the majority of us "useless eaters" do you piece of shit! ALL children are precious, ALL children are incredible gifts from Almighty God, and the majority of us descent people are heart broken for these dear, precious children, and yes Gates of Hell, even the dark skinned children you bastard!

Let's see you inject your own children, and grandchildren asshole!

Apologies for losing my cool folks, but this is incredibly evil, and the pigs doing this, the filth giving the orders HATE us all, and have been publicly calling for massive reduction in global populations, from the current estimated 7 billion, down to 500 million!

They've already convinced some people (left lunatics) that the planet is over populated, and that is pure BULLSHIT!! YES, there are major cities such as those in India, and China, where over populated inner cities are absolutely choked with people.

However, the truth is we could take every single person on the planet, and they would fit inside an area the size of the Florida panhandle, and still have a three yard perimeter cushion around each person! There are incredibly vast areas in North America alone, which no man have ever stepped foot in, or even laid eyes on!

There are huge wide open spaces for thousands of miles in the prairies alone! The over population story is pure, 100% grade AAA bullshit! These elites have shown us what they are capable of, now knowing this, who the hell would ever trust anything they vomit out!?


David Calkins says:

Nobody elected Ryan for President. Trump 2020!!

Frank D. Long says:

Paul Ryan is a traitor and along with Lindsey Graham.They both need to step down.

Al, Orange Park, FL says:

Ryan is a toilet water bottom feeder time for the scum sucker to go!!!

Tina Clay says:


ma g says:

Paul Ryan sounds like a fool. He is way out of his league. Time to vote him out of office!!

Blue Cobra says:

Rhino ryan needs to go slam his head in a brick wall. Then maybe he will become a person of interest to listen to.

David Hughes says:

$90,000 per year IN KENTUCKY? How do you like those crumbs you idiot democrats,.

Cynthia Drockton says:

It really is time to vote Ryan out and get someone in who is willing to work for our agenda and not Ryan’s.

Halsey Walter says:

Eddie Minster (POO RYAN) does not like America to be WINNING!!

Mr. Groovy 2 Shoes says:

Is there a reason why he hasn't been kicked to the curb yet .Is there some sort of rule or law that he can't be fired?Trump doesn't seem like the type that would tolerate this clown.

jeanniewi says:

Ryan is a disgusting shame to people in Wisconsin, and all of America.

Chelo Fig says:

Paul Ryan Was Never With President Donald Trump.

Jim M says:


Gary Farmer says:


Becky Guillory says:

Get Rid of Paul, NOW!

Patrick C says:

Lyin Ryan!

kerry the truth says:

recall Ryan. Globalist commie operative…not not an American….globalist are commies..all must be eradicated from our government…

Margo Haynes says:


PressedEarth says:

Western Kentucky ought to be beside itself with joy right now. Prosperity is coming back to America.

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