BREAKING: Rotten Dem Hauled Out Of Capitol In Handcuffs – WON’T See Her Again!

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Amanda Shea for the Daily Vine reports, It’s the end of Democrat debauchery in Washington, D.C. as the lunatic left has come out of the woodwork to inflict revenge on the man they didn’t want win the election.

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Christy Alvarado says:

Blank probably isn't even legal living in this Country……WORKING in our Government. CHECK HER OUT ARIZONA! SHE IS PROBABLY ILLEGAL AND HAS FAMILY THAT IS ILLEGAL…..!!! DO IT!!

El Elyon says:

YouTube is definitely shadow banning Gary's videos. He has almost 650,000 subscribers, yet this vid has less than 7000 views??? Suspicious…

carole adams says:

you have no rights

Stjepan Blagaj says:

that's excellent cheers arrest all lib left scum who want to hurt Presisdent verbal or any way and all dems for that effect

Edith Maciass says:

Well ILLEGALS and corrupt politician. This is the new normal. Suck it up!

Leonard Legg says:

Thank you for leaving America. You were to stupid to be here to begin with.

BadNews Kelly Leak says:

Deport every last one of them!!

Idaho Jim says:

This is a planed Invasion By the Deep State to destroy our Republic and join it with Mexico & Canada . No more Constitution , No Sovereignty , just one big hell hole over ran with illegals ,
where the American people will be the new Minorities and we all will be Slaves together for the NWO.
Build the Wall and Deport them All MAGA !

jalsr.speak237 says:

shes a loser.we'll c if she feels good about it when they vote her OUT

K & E Fleming says:

The swamp is getting drained more everyday, send these libbys back where they came from, we dont want these demoncrats in our country any more, never did ,never will. Deport their asses back to where they began their journey to reap our benefits, that we americans worked for generations to have for generations to come!

Phillip Pylant says:

that lady is f@cking stupid. nothing she said made any sense

Bonita Tinkle says:

Send them all back to where they belong

Tom Hill says:

continue to drain the swamp, lets go trump.

Bub_ Lite_63 says:

This bitch is an illegal. How in the name of hell could she possibly qualify for ANY political position?? She should have been jailed immediately upon trying for any position. SHE IS NOT A U.S. CITIZEN, AND THEREFORE HAS ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHTS UNDER THE CONSTITUTION!! She should be deported immediately, no question.

whutzat says:


TruthB Told says:

Blocking an intersection? Well one way to stop that sort of crap is to run some semi's , dump trucks, and cement mixers through the intersection (at full speed). To bad. So sad. EMS ran through the intersection too. Politically incorrect ? HELL YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ron Gruber says:

The only thing symbolic about this was it was symbolic of the ignorance of the left and how they think they're bullying tactics are going to get them what they want. She should be locked up held to a much higher standard than the average person for doing what she did not only was she illegal but she's a representative they should be held to an extremely high standard

BuGaTTiVeYrOn007 says:

We need to see more of that

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