BREAKING: World in SHOCK! Trump AGREES to Kim Jong-Un Face-to-Face Meeting!

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Gregory Korte for USA TODAY reports, President Trump will meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un by May for high-level talks over the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, a South Korean official said outside the White House Thursday.

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Christina Ashby says:

TEAM TRUMP. I believe in you. But the big question is, can we really trust that little lady finger,


ThT short fat fuck it'd be like face to his coco p.o.s communist

rubber band says:

I wonder what Kim chubby demands are..

Darryl Ray says:

This will bring about world peace. Watch. Bible prophecy unfolding before our own eyes

Jack Day says:

Real Trump supporters, are hardly surprised at this… You will see peace, then unity, on the Korean peninsula.

neweyes777 says:

God will bless all of the Peace Makers.

neweyes777 says:

May God bless this meeting, its a HUGE step for the greater good of all peoples!

Andrew Linson says:

Little Kim wants Trump close so he can kill try to him.

Nicolas says:

Sorry , Gary , but I'm not surprised Trump agree to meet Kim Jong Un and I will not be surprised either that they come up with a deal . Our so called ennemies are our ennnemies as long as we don't put ourselves in their pants and understand their needs. NK went to nuclear weapons first of all to protect themselves from their imemorial ennemies the Japanese and , in a way ,China too. NK wants to live as a free nation and not under the threat of Russia , China , Japan and not America but Rothschild America who wants to put their piggy bank in NK . Rothschild banks needs only 3 counntries to have their banks in EVERY country of the world . These countries are NK,Iran and Cuba .And what do t the Rothschild do to get their banks everywhere: they use USA army , CIA and Deep State to control everything. America's sons are used for the benefits of the Rothschild 's banks .This is the bottom line .

Tim van Benthem says:

Kim Jong-Un is great. He wants to meet his fellow dictator trump.

rick shaw says:

Dennis will get all credit for setting up the meeting if all goes well

rick shaw says:

Nothing will get done, They're going to play video games all day

Deadly Raver says:

I want to see how will the MSM be able to spin this as a negative. They'll try, but I am anxious to see how they will fail.

JR Savage says:

That’s awesome!

Matt Moore says:

God bless trump and his health hopefully lil Kim doesn't try anything

tails doll black says:

awesome, he managed to swindle a country into a nuke test cease deal with a tweet and some words! talk about anchor balls.

Brian Wild says:

This reminds me of the scene where the villain invites guest to dinner, reveals diabolical scheme to take over the world, then tries to drop dinner guest into a vat of hungry sharks. Just sayin'.

bountyhunterbiggame says:

this meeting took place 3 months ago in the forbidden city in china. cia and all ties have been cut. kimmy talking peace. on to iran now

Patricia Burchwell says:

I would not trust north Korea for shit they won't keep their word

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