Comedy Central Works With CNN To Ban Infowars

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Alex Jones and Owen Shroyer discuss the recent war that is being waged against Infowars by both CNN and Comedy Central.

Alex crashes the War Room to discuss a segment of the Comedy Central show The Opposition With Jordan Klepper calling out Infowars over false claims of our coverage of the Parkland Shooting. They also discuss CNN’s attempt at the same effort, trying again to create a false reality, all while censoring our opinion to try and guarantee our side of the story is never told. Watch here for our side of the story.

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stupid lady says:

All I ever see on my YouTube feed is Infowars, i guess cause they make so many videos! I rly don't see how CNN stays on the air when noone watches them. I guess they're getting $ either way.

Jason Messina says:

CNN is fake news, who are they to demand anything. They should be shut down for trying to manipulate there really slow viewers.

tomer gilron says:

LOL, You are hilarious.


This is exactly what the CURRENT situation to their message was automatically generated by the way to settle for cutting-off the way I could get for a while back and to also get CNN for the way to settle for the absolute power everywhere in Florida, but seriously… I still have the need to tell you that we are currently suffering through a series of those days where you can see the result of those email addresses for the last administration in finance for a series of limitations for the time being. The only way we can save ourselves as human beings is to think of a better way to spend time with our family while trying not to suffer through another one of those days where you actually want to settle for sitting on a bicycle without a seat.
10 minutes into this video and I feel like I just listened to a bunch of this↑↑^^ word salad shit.

End Boss says:

"He's in the drama club Bro!". Haha! Classic.

Rodolfo Plascencia says:

War on information 😀

Jaime Noel says:

Here's another example and what the Communists thinks like when they say your children do not belong to you

Trumps Wall says:

Some times I almost want to let them brain wash me it’s hard getting crap every day saying I’m white privilaged it’s hard arguing every day

sherpaderpa1 says:

Children lie all the time. Anyone who has had any contact with children would know this. They are also master manipulators!

miester rhovanion says:

never heard of that chump.

elMak says:

These two are the dream team … Love how Alex is passing the baton to Owen.

Lorenzo de' Medici says:

Who the hell are these nobodies that Comedy Central gives shows to? Bunch of no-talent puppets

Trumps Wall says:

I hope info wars never gets shut down where will I get my news if I do they’re just scared that they know the right is finally winning this war so now there taking away the only true news media outlet

Dave S says:

What the Hockeysticks is on Comedy Central anyways!
Watch InfoWars and/or read a good book; you'll feel better in the morning and be more informed.

Mike Adams says:

Yeah to bad we can't start a new network. Free speech completly. Cnn makes shit up everyday. And that's ok?

Endo C says:

CNN and CC is a decoy.. the plot is coming from Hannity! He is jealous of the 2.2M subs.

Western Slav Pheasant_King says:

I hope this channel doesn't get banned
It would mean a brake in the resistance!


Some people are saying that my approval rating conducted by SSRS stands at 35%, down five points over the last month to match his lowest level yet. FAKE NEWS! Everyone knows that my REAL approval rating is 3500% !!! Some SAD BAD person dropped two ZERO's! MAGAMAGAMAGAMAGAMAGAMAGAMAGAMAGAMAGA!

Christopher Bergamo says:

Kepler's show has intentionally mimicked infowars studio, format etc. Think yall mentioned that when it came out. It's called The Opposition for a reason, opposition to infowars. The imagery, articles scattered on the desk is a direct rip, tricking cable viewers into thinking theyre watching a program thats done its research. After watching the live coverage of the shooting for 3 hours on fox i turned to infowars to see if id hear some crazy conspiracy, i didnt, all i heard was "they'll jump at the chance to attack the 2nd ammendment", which is exactly what happened.

Robyn Putnam says:

Controlled narrative again

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