Globalism’s Medical Attack On The World Population

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Jon Rappoport chronicles the medical tyranny wreaking havoc on the world’s population.

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Josef Lehmusto says:

Origins and the age of the DNA is about 3.5 billion years.
It shows how life could have evolved on Early Earth or Alien Planets.
Earliest life forms. Fossil evidence informs most studies of the origin of life.
The age of the Earth is about 4.54 billion years; the earliest undisputed evidence of life on Earth dates from at least 3.5 billion years ago.

bladske says:

You'd be a horrible scientist.

– Scientific research is – when performed without proper standards and moderation – not always reliable and could, should be questioned.
-> Conclusion: The Man is trying to kill us all with pills to take over the planet.

This is how you create false truths. You pick a real argument and draw a wrong conclusion. Well done.

Alex Bajan says:

Globalists = Neo-Marxism is a loose term for various twentieth-century approaches that amend or extend Marxism and Marxist theory, usually by incorporating elements from other intellectual traditions, such as critical theory, psychoanalysis, or existentialism.

kerry the truth says:

chem trails are a huge part of it…stop worrying about Syria's gas attack's. our own government is spraying us everyday…look up dam..

lue lunsford says:

People don't understand You can fit Everyone in the world everyone in Florida 2 times and have room left over.

lue lunsford says:

Why would anybody trust a government that is run by the elite to DE populate the planet with GMO food, fluoride water , chemical trails , war ,VACCINES abortion, famine, drugs, alcohol, economic warfare, mind control warfare , the BPA plastic it's in Every thing your can goods, your drink cans, your drink, cans your plastic bottles, your Teflon pans , all your Plastics its in everything. They also use 3G4G5G smart meter smartphone smart computers smart appliances smart cars smart towers , This is radio microwave radiation , your being radiated every day. They no longer have to take us to the death camps they bring death to us. You people don't understand its war on humanity they want us all dead and they as are destroying us and the planet in the process! Don't give up your voices don't give up your guns don't give up your freedom and make these monster stop. Because they want us dead in our families our children dead.

Anon One says:

USA has some of the most expensive medical treatment in the world and also have some of the poorest treatment outcomes.

Ross Caminiti says:

marsha is a dead duck now….never come out against big pharma

People Power says:

The absurdity really makes me laugh. If your kids don't have vaccines, they won't be allowed in school within a vaccinated population. Lolololol That implies the vaccines used are worthless. So why even bother because of the associated risks? Why!

Nemesis says:

The Medici..come on alex say it. Or your one of them.

Milo Abel says:

Y is screwtube scared of this video being on twitter?

Private Hudson says:

Holy smokes this guy looks like he wakes up to a glass of Wild Turkey every day .

hvd iv says:

i have never had a shot of anything but alcohol yo.

J. Z says:

Hey Alex ball lickers GLOBALISM IS GOOD!

Tommy Smith says:

This man could not sound any more monotone

Dean Jones says:

Which tribe runs the (((medical))) industry…the (((GMO))) foods and monopolises Globally??

harley Rider says:

I dont trust the Flu shot

Roodles Poodles says:

Life spans increasing, world population rising. Yup… they are definitely killing us all. Worst. Population. Control. Ever. These tardos have been saying this for decades (when the population was half of what it is now). You goobers will fall for anything.

mick leeds says:

Why da FK does no one care about my last post….your every breath filled with particles that fill you up..then slowly kill you..

mick leeds says:

Bio weapons….they do this worldwide everyday..through man made cloud systems…frequency toxic metal particle clouds..

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