Google / YouTube Are Attacking The AntiCoIntelPro Show Again… They Will Lose Again

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The very day I finally get up & running after a professional hack and break in of our offices on the same day and Google / YouTube take away my ability to respond to my commenters…Good thing I am as stubborn as a mule and refuse to give in or give up doing what I do


Bobby Whipple says:

Google is in the pockets of Hillary Clinton. We know what you are doing bitch and we don't forget. Once Trump gets in, we will all watch you fry!

Brock Sampson says:

Rock on dude keep the truth flowing , FRELL THE MAN !!!!!

notmyrealname says:

They did this and more to Jordan Maxwell. He lost everything, including his life savings. He's way out there on an esoteric level and it makes you wonder. They only go after you in a big way, is if you're making a big stink.

notmyrealname says:

Joe, ya got kahonies the size of bowling balls. Kudos and thank you for all you do.

Mark Hebel says:

I like your show. But I don't like the intro part. I'm not trying be mean. Something doesn't seem to fit right. Not saying I could do better per say but it is irritating enough that I try to skip it. Other wise Bravo Zulu I always  enjoy the content and commentary.

Freedom Noey says:

im with you bro keep up the good work

Joe Duke says:

As bad… many of us are blocked, only… it's invisible. In our browsers, when signed in, we can see our comments… but if we use another browser brand, and not sign in… our comments are invisible. So they keep a second site, for each of us, so we think we commented, but figure …no one is responding.

Alexander Walerow says:

Don't know why you are always posting Fox News clips, it's just political theater and is literally reality tv these days. That being said, you've said some of the most insightful things I've ever heard regarding the current state of our society.

Karen Johson says:

People Are Beginning To Be Herded Into Deradicalization Centers In Europe – Episode 1077b

Michael Dodge says:

We must protect the 1st amendment, with blood and fire if it's necessary! #FREESPEECH

imnotmelvin3 says:

good videos keep it going.

Helena M says:

Very nice!!!

Frank Panion says:

I could not forward your last video to Facebook or you tube

Jack BSneak says:

Good luck in court. Give em hell.

David Gentry says:

youtube and google better watch how what they do. If and when Trump wins the election, he's going to start putting these yahoos in their place. And they might go to jail just like the Clintons are going. Along with a crap load of their cohorts in crime.

Urbara Scott says:

What about Vimeo? Glad ur back….they just keep showing who they are.

Bobby Lastname says:


Judi Cecchetelli says:


Ian Thaddiam says:

Fist bump, Joe.

the three musketeers - funny dog videos and tribulations says:

Who died and left them in charge of freedom of speech?

Also I do like your new Sunday show and hope you can continue.

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