How Long Will America Put Up With CNN’s Fake News Lies?

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Alex Jones breaks down the latest attacks on Infowars by the failing MSM and why your support is now more critical than ever.

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Pete Williams says:

He's got gloves on and he's so hipper can't stand still he's warming up! But that's not important!

C K says:

HAHAHAH, leave it to a texan to call a GROOMER a snowplow, lol

Wheres the people? it seems to be about 9 or 10 am but no people up skiing?
Wheres these counter lawsuits?

zelda torna says:

Enjoy your family time. Thank you for doing a GREAT job.

The only news that matters shield says:

no longer relevant

Danny Goodog says:

Alex YOU ROCK!! Fakers just HATE the truth..toooo bad!

Brooklyn Lionvalley says:

Hey you’re in my state, enjoy the slopes!

James Donald says:

Cannot even get away from the freaking high-pitch beeps even in the wilderness. Enough!

Linda Beacham says:

Don't like this FORMAT! What is with ALL The Music??? Had to go to the WEB to find YOU!!!

Sondra Cee says:

We do not know anyone at all that watches that crappy Channel!!!! Not one single person!!!

Jock Doubleday says:

Have a great time!!

Carl Jensen says:

Alex, come to the frozen tundra in northern Wisconsin. In that weather we wear shorts and t-shirts. Don’t listen to all the soy boys telling you you need a coat.

Tim van Benthem says:

CNN is still worldwide the nr 1 station and will stay for decades

Shaylok says:

I wish SAT telivision would make CNN (and MSNBC) an option rather than forcing it on us.

Jope Dope Dope says:

Are you with your family? Didn't they leave you?



Mr. Silly says:

take away their license CNN are breaking the law by inciting violence by lies & deceit.

cnoevl67 says:

CNN should replace all its overpaid fake news hacks with Chinese in military outfits because this is what they really stand for.

d a says:

You are a living legend I've been watching you since I was a freshman in highschool.

d a says:

Liberalism is a mental disorder

ak6781fan says:

Yeah he fits the profile of those guys who go out in the cold wearing a t-shirt. He doesn't like to live life easy it would seem. I for one would not be surprised at all if he turns out to be Bill Hicks.

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