Hundreds protest at Turkish border against Syrian women’s plight | Al Jazeera English

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Hundreds of women are gathering at Turkey’s border with Syria to draw attention to the plight of Syrian women after years of civil war. Organisers of the protest say more than 6,000 women are currently being held in prisons in Syria and some are being subjected to torture and rape.

Al Jazeera’s Sinem Koseoglu reports from Istanbul.

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mike rollow says:

Notice that this video is about the Government cracking down on women, but at the 1:09 mark you can see someone assaulting a women who is showing her support for the Syrian government.

Jeff Blanco says:

Stay in turkey terorrist

mmt mahi says:

death to Assad


look at those new buses !!!…. They sure have cash these anti Syrian NGO's


Another attempt by Erdogan and the NGO's to prolong the war in Syria and keep the level of hatred at maximum.
Syrian women suffer because Erdogan flooded Syria with Terrorists that he and the Americans trained in Turkey and sent to Syria to kill people and destroy the country's institutions
He even made money out the misery of the refugees that he threatened of flooding Europe with….. He received about a billion dollars in aid.
Erdogan is the leader of the Muslim brotherhood, a terrorist organization that played a major role in destroying Libya, Syria and tried very hard to destroy Algeria, Tunisia and above all Egypt who is still their number one target.

sam salhab says:

Bunch of spastics

SVEN says:

Get rid of that fake French colonialist era flag.

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