IT’S RIGGED! GOP Calls out Dem Judges for Election COLLUSION Then Issues Their Demands

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Kevin Daley for the Western Journal reports, Pennsylvania Republicans are fighting a judge-imposed congressional district map at the U.S. Supreme Court after the state’s highest judicial tribunal struck down the old map, finding it was purposely drawn to favor the GOP.

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Bobby Lee says:

they sould those judges are paid off by the dems how can judgesgo against the constution anyway ,thats law

Sleepwitoneeyeopen says:

And still no arrest…when ?

inga robinson says:

The Socialist- DemocRats have become totally lawless and trying to spread their evil everywhere and Obama started that trend in 2009 !

Spooky Baker says:

Democrats remind me of Wiley coyote

mason yahn says:

We the people don't trust anything the liberal DEM left do and we must look over everything they have their criminal hands on !!!

Shnobbs Man says:

Talk about California elections please.

Mike Powell says:

judge is a pedophile

Joseph Clark says:

Impeach everyone of them!

VS30131968 says:

Democrats should be labeled a terrorist organization. Corruption is the only thing they can offer.

G Marshall says:

These demacrats NEVER do anything honestly and what's in the best interests of the American people. Everything they do is to benefit themselves and hang onto power along with their greedy deranged evil ways. These type of people along with some republicans need to be exposed of. As long as they continue on our country will never be great again. This cancer is eating our country alive.

Rocdog! says:

DEMORATS can’t win without CHEATING!

Mata Pendejos says:

Democrats are criminals Hillary Clinton is the prime example.

williewaterbug says:

Drain the swamp means the courts too. We need term limits for Congress too.

Catherine McCandless says:

something needs to be done about all this freaking voter fraud. people need to start going to freaking jail. come on sessions do your job or get the hell out

Hurricane Ditka says:

Liberal Hebrew judges

TheIcelandicBoy says:

So this you believe, but the one about Trump and HIS election has zero chance of having been rigged?

Brumbold says:

Really? the courts are usurping power from the legislative branch?
i did not know this…i mean how can they do that, it not like they have messed with the presidents job or anything…immigration from 7 countries that have no way of vetting, daca, just to name a couple.
They play "god" every time they hold court, fining people even when they are innocent, they make judgement based upon what they feel instead of what the laws state, why shouldn't they think that they can that they are all powerful and not take control?

WolfPack Alpha says:

Stop the cheating idiots sore losers.

Stormbringer2012 says:

All I can say is DUUUH. Elections have been rigged in the demon-craps favor for decades now.

Greg Raines says:

Past Gerrymandering is tough to swallow

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