Jimmy Kimmel Triggered By Failed Oscars And Trump Tweet

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Owen Shroyer presents video clips from Jimmy Kimmel’s late night propaganda program where he throws up words that fell out of Chuck Schumer’s big, stinking briefcase.

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Casey Rains says:

Its true. I was a fan of Jennifer Lawrance and a HUGE fan of Eminem, now I hate them both.

Lj _147 says:

I used to like jimmy kimmel but not anymore

mary thomson says:

Most of the late night shows have no jokes no unless they can put down Pres Trump and family. Sure people in the spot light will be used in this fashion but you can only do jokes on a certain subject for so long then its like a well trained dog( public) at the mention of Trumps name bark (laugh) even if its not funny. Shows the general JOE public mind can be brain wash so easily its scarey.

David J. Schulte says:

Jimminy Cricket Kimmel what a loser

Daniel Inwood says:

This dude is a peice of schiff for sure.

DethHasArrived says:

How fake is our media? Day in and day out the same babble. I honestly don’t know how people can listen to the same narrative, on every channel?

fl00d says:

awww people can't go watch NFL anymore because they cant get the image of players kneeling out of their heads? What a bunch of snowflakes

James Clark ISR says:

He's so comfortable , worth $35 million. knows his comedic resume (the man show) means he is unqualified. he KNOWS he is their puppet. many male guests kiss him on the lips, allfeck, depp, damon, as if he is part of the in crowd. he is safe and secure. he;s on the team. comic genius not required.

deicide2451 says:

Kimmel's career is over…No ratings, not funny anymore… SMH…..

Levi D Smith says:

I still don't have a clue about who Jennifer Lawrence is.

graham49y says:

If jimmy kimmel and holywood were offering me $20 dollars to watch their freak show movies …it wouldent be worth it.

Animal Mother says:

lol what a fail

xmarksthespot says:

Kimmel u cheated on your first wife with Sarah Silverman. Don't act like your special.

DRAGONADElol says:

I really enjoy movies so i enjoy the oscars but the last 3 years are just unwatchable ,Its not a show about celebrating movies anymore the only think they talk about is women equality ,how black people dont get lead roles and trump .Am from Greece so i dont really care about Hollywood's political agenda ,i hate social justice warrior shit ,and them saying that there arent too many black people in lead roles cause of racism is just horseshit ,this generation just doesnt have too many talented black actors .My point is that they made the oscars a political night not a nigh about the wonders of cinema.

Marcy Carson says:

Isn't it funny the insane left is constantly looking at President Trump's tweet account and any news they can find against our President.. Their hatred is a part of their useless daily lives. It's interesting because the rest of America does not watch their hateful, worthless programs or the stupid fake national propaganda news, anymore. Their constant focus on hate really has made them crazy. But that is what that constant focus on hate does to people.

Glenn Hardin III says:

Jimmy Kimmel is lame. Yeah I saw Thor Ragnarok. It was lame also, it became even more lame when the began playing Led Zeppelin's song, The Immigrant Song, which didn't fit. Hollywood has no idea how to make good Movie's, any more. I mean look at The Alien Franchise, how many time's have they rehashed that crap!.

Bob Bitchin says:

Jimmy Kimmel is great . This IS a fake news report !


Gallup Poll shows Trump at 40% approval rating as of 12/30/2017.

Mark Withers says:

It seems that Jimmy's estrogen therapy has really cuckified him I bet he can't even remember the man show I would love to hear what his opinion on that would be I'm Shure he'd bust out in tears and sobbing apologies to girls on trampolines

Werner Sunkel says:

Democrats are demons

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