John Bolton on Trump’s decision to meet with Kim Jong Un

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Trump takes to Twitter to reassure the world he intends to follow through on his agreement to meet with the North Korean dictator; former U.S. ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton weighs in on ‘Fox News @ Night.’

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Mark Ferrari says:

So 2 weird haired liars are going to meet, I'll back the kid

teenagevagabond says:

What if North Korea agrees to give up ALL its nukes if the US gives up ALL its nukes? That's only fair!

Euroheat0022 says:

Well anything that pisses off neocons like Bolton has too be a good thing

Ron Schutt says:

It's called stalling.

Maker Steel says:

He really got the idea what is North Korea…Liar, Evil…Continue to threaten the US and the World like the last 50 years to make South Korea communist country….It is very lucky to have Mr Bolton….

Phead128 says:

It's a NEGOTIATION. Each side gives up something. What is US willing to give up as a concession??? Bolton only talks one side (NK give up nukes) but offers no concessions from US. He is deadset on war anyways, he is an idiot that instigated US to go into Iraq for WMDs.

Lector Kreuzritter Kleinbittersdorf says:

STRIKE North Korea immediately. The commie rats are cheating again and again. YOU DO NOT KNOW MOON is the NK SPY?????????????????????????

What a naivety is here? Exterminate NORTH KOREA right now. DO NOT WAIT.

Blazing Dumpster says:

Bolton is right, they wanna buy time.

Mark Conner fitz says:

Thanks paper weight ridget

Anthony says:

Trump will go down as the best president in history.

rabukan 58 says:

I am truly surprised that few have noticed how much smarter Kim Jong Um is than Trump, and at the same time, Um is backed by Putin and Xi – all Communists. So, what does this mean? Simple, Kim Jong Um now knows what Putin has on Trump, because Putin is once again pulling all Trump's strings. Xi of China is in on the secrets too. So, Um will let Trump know at this "genius" Trump meeting, that Trump is now being blackmailed by him as well, and if Trump doesn't do what Um says, the world will know that everything in Steele's dossier, and much more, is 100% true, and he, Um, will reveal it. Stormy Daniels is proving the dossier true, and Um watches American news every day. This is a super obvious Putin/Um trap that the Russians, North Koreans and Chinese have laid beautifully. What summit? This is check mate for the Trump, and unfortunately, the US.

Mrs. 라 says:

Kim, Jong Eun just buying time. North Korea's Nuclear Negotiating Strategy – Deny, Deceive, and Delay. I hope that wise President Trump be able to hire John Bolton to the White House National Security Council (NSC). Many S. Korean think that John Bolton has an enough knowledge and ability to catch Kim Jong Eun.

Craig Sips says:

Why do you keep calling him 'ambassador to the UN'? He was never confirmed.

M Q says:

fuck john bolton, this guy is evil sent from hell

cc1621 says:

This whole thing is a complete mess! It is a terminology manipulation by Kim to South Korean representatives(I think they are "fools") which in turn, Trump got way over his head thinking as if North Korea is willing to give up the nukes. Then Trump act upon it without consulting the rest of the policy making team and experts. In the end it made Trump and US look foolish and made US un-trustworthy. The master of deception Kim and North Korea won again! When Kim JungUn presented his idea of denuclearization of peninsula to the South, he didn't mean denuclearization of North Korea. Rather Kim meant to suggest denuclearization of entire Korean peninsula including denuclearization of US force in South Korea as well. This is one of deception tactics that NK has been using for many years. Please remember. North Korea will never never give up their nukes. This is the only barging chip he has. For 3 generation of Kim, they deceived the world throw everything they got to have nuke capability. Why would they give up now??? They believe with nuke capability South Korea will never defend, fearing all out nuclear war in peninsular which will destroy all of them. With ICBM threatening the US mainland, they believe US will give up the South (Donald, please don't do that). Without US presents in the South, this is quite possible scenario. The unification of Korea has two different meanings. For South, it is collapse of Kim's regime with economic dominance of the South. For North, it is forced invasion of the South with nuclear capability where the South would never even dare to retaliate. And, Kim knows he has upper hand. With Kim's regime intact, the unification of Korean peninsular will never happen.

TheFlyingOtis says:

Buy time?!!? Why do they need a meeting w/the prez to buy time? They havent needed that ever before. Lol. However I believe Rubio is spot on

Larry Tischler says:

John Bolton with a typical on point analysis we have grown to expect from him. He should be somewhere in the Trump Dept of State.


Yep… John Bolton is still the same old neocon globalist whore…

D Rock says:

N Korea will be Trump’s Iran deal or no deal.

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