Mueller is Going to the GUTTER! You WON’T Believe where he’s Trying to Find Russians Now!

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Emily Zanotti for the Daily Wire reports, Nearly a year after President Donald Trump’s lawyer made a $130,000 payment to former adult film star Stormy Daniels, allegedly to force Daniels to keep quiet about an extra-marital affair she’d had with the then-candidate, a bank marked the transaction as suspicious.

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Little Shepherd Farm says:

If Mueller wants to lead a witch hunt like this then let him pay for it out of his own pocket! Why should WE pay for this nonsense?! This knuckleheaded witch hunt was supposed to end months ago. Get it shut down already. It's nothing but a cover up for something bogus the Clintons are most likely getting away with behind the scenes and a serious waste of everyone's time. Plus, these idiots are making the law enforcement agencies in this country look like a bunch of kendergardeners and total imbeciles!!!

carol marshall says:

This is stupid Mueller is desperate How much is Mueller and DemocRats?

gr82bfreenjesus love says:

Didn't you know that she's a Russian agent?

Ion John says:

He hopes for some free rides or at least some coupons…


Ha ha ha….desperate….not a thing…what of it at least he pays & dosen't RAPE them…lots of Christians pray for President Trump & still do…he's doing a great job & we need to keep him in prayer if you are perfect then you can judge if not…shut the hell up!!!

anitahenry398 says:

She looks like a man in drag.

bob aarness says:

Mueller is dirty, dirty, dirty. He and Comey are beta-male, butt-buddies. 98.8% of all lawyers are beta-males. Trump is an alpha-male, and 99% of all haters of President Trump are beta-males.

Yisroel Katz says:

Women should not be allowed to go naked in public!

Yisroel Katz says:

Tell her to put some clothes on! This is a cover up!

TheOrganiclady says:

Mueller has always been a gutter kind of person.

PickelJars ForHillary says:

Mueller is a pedo.

Cam Mewton says:

Mueller should be sued for wasting tax payers money being spent on a fraudulent investigation justified by falsified steele dossier.

kilroyvolvo1 says:

commie scum mueller needs about 40 years in GITMO for his crimes against AMERICA and HIS collusion with the KGB.

Chuck Reid says:

Mueller has subpoenaed Stormy 's Camel Toe….

Shell Beach says:

Megan Kelly's alter ego…Stormy Daniels

youngphenom says:

replace the word Russia with Seth Rich and the MSM news will make more sense

Tim van Benthem says:

Mueller is great!!! Track and trace everything and let them try to explain it. That is precisely his job.

Changsha says:

Muller ,really ,you have to use a porn whore to try to cause trouble for our government and the people. You low life scum bag!!! Check your wife's history, maybe she was an international Hoe sleeping around to get info.

redeemed toremain says:

A check on Muller = Gallows

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