New Polls Show Trump Overtaking Hillary In Key Battelground States

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These new polls show you exactly the same thing The AntiCoIntelPro Show did on July 26 of 2016…Video is in the cards section of this video


Lynne Woods says:

Hillary and Holt were wearing an ear piece, Not allowed

Jeff Strange says:

Hillary back on the campaine trail ? You better go get a voice detection device and find out if that's the real Hillary, I'm not buying into these doubles being thrown at us.

Roel Geurtsen says:

deplorable fox, still clintonite

Sam Houston says:

I don't believe that Johnson is hurting Clinton more than Trump. I think that's a bunch of left-wing bullshit.

Greg Wrangler says:

Anyone with half a brain knows that the typical liberal democrat is a complete moron who even though they know without doubt that they're being used by these democrats, will buy whatever crap is being fed them so it only makes sense to feed them the same plate of shit that they're so used to shoveling down from the dems and take their stupid votes away from Hillary! These are some seriously retarded people and it doesn't matter what you say to them just so long as you send them to the right button in the voting booth!

Greg Wrangler says:

All these polls have been a running lie by the networks to give their pathetic liberal turds a feeling of false hope from the beginning and has done their best to try to ignore the obvious ground surge of Americans who have never voted or even thought about it until Trump won the republican primary. I don't know a single person who plans on voting for Hillary, not a single one! In fact, all the people I know who are known liberal democrats have said they are disgusted by the fact that she was nominated in the first place and would never vote for her no matter who she was running against. These people are dying of their own denial at this point and it's starting to show so much now that they can't pretend anymore.
This latest generation "snowflake have done real damage to the liberals by showing them as the retarded bunch of spoiled idiots that they always have been, but now they have their poster children like Triggly Puff to put the truly disgusting face on these people!

Interesting says:

i don't understand the most "unpopular" comment … Trump has the most votes in primary history and the biggest crowds ever.

CatPerez2012 says:

The "birther" issue???! Give me a break! At this point. What difference does it make?!
How deplorable and despicable!
TRUMP 2016

Carlton Firoved says:

f… your electric votes. what ever happened to we the people.not we the people except when our lying murdering constitution ignoring government decides who the president will be.f… the electoral vote.where are the true Americans.,maby cleaning there weapons. for the electoral voters?

mar15 says:

No possible way for Trump to win. This same thing happened in May, and what happened? She took a double digit lead in June. This is just a phase, and Colorado, Nevada, Iowa, Florida, NC, and Ohio will all go back to Clinton.

LuvMyLilBabe says:

SNOWDEN EMAIL LEAKS WILL SEAL THE COFFIN FOR HILLARY. i believe these will be shown the last 2 weeks before election

wheelmanstan says:

I'm with her……wait, where is she?

Rastafari Jah says:

Megyn is Such an Annoying Hack … Obviously a Secret , Criminal Hillary Clinton Supporter .

Bryan St.Martin says:

Hey! ACP, do you bother reviewing these things before you post? Rather annoying hearing repeat after repeat.
I kind of like your posts, clean out the garbage and I would really enjoy it.

harkriders says:

FUCK your "polls"!!! Trump's BEEN ahead for a long time now!! EVEYBODY HATES and I mean HATES Hillary!! I CAN NOT believe that these idiots actually think people believe that "the polls are beginning to tighten." It doesn't take a genius to see that EVERY SINGLE Hillary Video or Ad is massively disliked and the comments are absolutely flooded with anti Clinton stuff AND her OWN channels are FULL of anti Hillary pro Trump rhetoric!! Yeah, 1 out of 25 people like Hillary but ohh the race is beginning to tighten and Hillary only leads by a few points now. Bullshit!!



Sid Mansfield says:

No secret here. The fact is, we've figured out that Hillary Clinton is just another corrupt politician! Actually the very worse in it's most true form!

JohnStephenWalsh says:

She's been in the national spotlight for 25 years. She's been a successful candidate for senate, and then secretary of state.

If she hasn't been able to up the enthusiasm level before, there is zero chance of doing so now. What has she been holding back all these years that will make Americans suddenly be inspired by this greedy, power-hungry vacuum?

Shean Crane says:

Apparently, she doesn't care about the LAW either; since she and her affiliates seems to be so far above Congress, that they can ignore… CONGRESS. What a fucking shame. I just watched the entire 4 hour hearing of the FBI Director, a complete load of bullshit, and the entire committee hearing of Lynch, the IRS and the State Dept… all , complete and total loads of bullshit. I was literally flabbergasted at how these people work in our government and get away with all this shit. Jaw, dropped to the ground. And what does the DoJ do about it? NOTHING. You know, I can't even be upset anymore, now it's just hilarious.

Stormy Syndrome says:

Hillary campaigned 5 days in August. Perfectly healthy, right Dems?

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