Nice Try, Paul

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Sadboy Paul’s still trying to shillz for the pillz. Let’s give him a hand with some basic fact-checking!

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Tap Water says:

Content Cop! Wait it's just hbomberguy destroying Paul hehehe

Elizabeth K says:

i really like how almost all of the pjw fans in the comments only argument is to insult how hbomb looks… like, that does nothing but make it seem like you and your fave infoboy has no real comeback

Gus Stamer says:

I like Paul, however his stances on Depression, Global Warming and THIS, are stances I disagree with. The Depression/Global Warming stuff, yea it's fucking retarded, no agruement to be made otherwise. Alex Jones is a fucking idiot for pushing that shit. As for the whole soy debacle, Paul, you yourself in several of your videos have the infamous "soy face" you hate so dearly as YOUR THUMBNAIL! I mean, you can't get ANY better then that. In a lame man's terms I agree with you Hbomb, it is always nice to hear alternative perspectives. And to Paul should he ever read this comment… Paul, I like you, you seem to be a genuine guy (mostly) so what I recommend for your OWN BENEFIT is that you apologize for the three aforementioned subjects and finally… DISTANCE YOURSELF FROM ALEX JONES/INFOWARS. If you do that Paul, not only will you gain the support of those who are on the fence because of those stances and your affiliation to Alex Jones, but you will be much less vulnerable to citizism and your opponents will have that much less dirt on you. Thanks Hbomb for making this video and have a great day! (Also it took me almost 30 minutes to write this lol, if there are some grammar mistakes I'm sorry but I'm to lazy to go through this again)

Michael L. says:

"im not owned! im not owned!!" i continue to insist as i slowly put on a bad wig and post a youtube video about how i was just memeing

tina says:

dude, 10/10

elessaur productions says:

well, soy may not be the only reason for testosterone decrease(it might even not have anything to do with it, im too lazy to watch) but everyone likes a video for kicks and giggles, so let lil' ol Paul be

Tudor Tomutza says:

I love pjw but he needs calm his tits about soy boys and focus more on politics

Steven Kingus says:

First time watching. Hilarious! Subbed

Verdadeiro says:

The only things from Brain Force that are proven to help with increasing libido are vitamin B-6. It also helps to decrease prolactin (which when high is a strong indication of impotence in males), if coupled with vitamin E, D-3 (to increase testosterone), and some herbs. That is to simulate the same effects from much more potent drugs such as Cabergoline, indicated for men with high prolactin, but much more expensive and perhaps needed for years, with a chance of things being reversed when treatment stops.

P5P (pyridoxal-5-phosphate) is the form of vitamin B-6 one needs to take. Or pyridoxine hydrochloride. Google for research done on that, there are some pubMED articles. Pyridoxal hydrochloride, another natural form of vitamin B6, failed to suppress prolactin in tests conducted.

But the dose that Brain Force contains is too low. Some sources say we need at least 50-200 mg/day, but EFSA recommends no more than 25 mg a day. More than that there's guaranteed risks of future health problems. My advice? No more than 25 a day. And check for B-12 in blood tests, also total/free test, prolactin, SHBG, among others, such as zinc.

nate peterson says:

Dang i don't even think that guy knows you, he has alot of pepople who dislike him and make responses to his content so why asome hes responding only to you?

Enric Viver Canal says:

pura escòria

crapmarine says:

1:18 Nice use of 'daren't'

Lucas Diniz says:

are you guys brothers?

Michael B says:

Paul borders dangerously on condescension sometimes. However, he clearly has much left to learn from you, sir, as I'm not sure I've viewed a more condescending, smarmy, self-aggrandising cunt in all the time I've watched YouTube.

Mario Valerian says:

Can you please talk about something else?

Ahmed says:


Steve Forester says:

The ending had me in stiches 😀

TeenageJesusSuperstr says:

Beautiful ownage. Subscribed.

Michael T.T says:

This guy is just triggered. Even tho he's right.

Bin Chicken says:

I like Paul, youve done well in this video though, mate.

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