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terry evans says:

Hiya Paul I am 69 in April and have never watched CNN but do watch FOX NEWS when I am at my place in Bulgaria on my TV box also watch NHK "BUT NEVER" BBC.

Wishspell says:

Why would YouTube want to lose billions of dollars in revenue unless someone with more money is making up for it. BTW, over 60 here and I think you need to do surveys. Most people who didn't vote Trump are scared to death of new things. They can't handle change. CNN is bought and paid for and it's not for news.

Janica j says:

Paul you're in danger of offending the tuned in older people who've learned the lessons of History and watch you and Infowars regularly…Still very pleased that you have a growing number of clued up younger people too.

Eddie Haskell says:

I liked the Independent heder referring to Black Sabbath. Yeah, groovy, man, shows the Independent has its arthritic, crooked fingers on the pulse, right there. Boss.

Neil R Bradley says:

The survival food is 24 boxes of pickled onion monster munch.

Randal Fontes says:


Randal Fontes says:

CNN is a joke!! WE ALL KNOW THIS

Stuart Wilson says:

Your an eye opener mate people want the truth about the shit situation we're in you deliver that truth Paul long may you carry on.

northerndarklight says:

Well Paul, I am subscribed to your channel, and I really enjoy your content, and I'm 70 years old. That actually pulls your average age up a little, doesn't it? 18 to 24 and 25 to 34 is your demographic? So, what would it be if I weren't here to pull that number up? You're welcome. It's been my experience that most older people are conservative.

Nero Plus says:

i am 60 and i watch jpl often

M Dossey says:

Ok boys, who do you think has been fighting all these DECADES????? Who is leading the REBELLION?? It is people in their 60's, 70' and more, look at the LEADERS who are leading us. We have finally WOKE up the younger generation, and thank you for that. It has been hard to operate covertly, be called crazy and continue to wake people . Admittingly, our way was slow and took lots of education with the limited proof we could obtain. Rather than putting down the older generation with a negative comment, you need to find out HOW to reach ALL the sleeping masses.

Why do I need a channel to comment says:

Gen Z and 55+ have a lot in common. Sanity for one thing.

virginvoid says:

Between the two of us we are 123 years old and love PJW sharing with the kids

broandrew says:

The main problem with the CNN, MSN, ABC, CBS, NEWS is their bosses are LIARS, day and night, they have no clue how a Truthful honest person lives, they live in the lower frequencies of life, due to their sin. The Millenniums that are raised with love, freedom and nice parents, they can NOT trust the bloody lying news they got on TV!!!! Good bye main stream LAIRS!!!! You have been WARNED!! REPENT!

anon ib says:

Wish there was more PJW on Infowars, I enjoy his viewpoints greatly.

thisisit94ify says:

CNN supports causes not out of legitimate concern, but rather for support of itself (in classical new york pretense style)

Return of Zeus says:

The Belgian royal and noble families are major players in the global crime syndicate. The House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha are a German nobility and a branch was appointed as the heads of the Kingdom of Belgium through the Treaty of London of 1839. The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg was also established by the Treaty of London in 1867. King Philippe of Belgium is a Roman Knight of Malta and the Belgian royal family are intermarried with Italian Nobility and various royal families of Europe. Queen Paola of Belgium is a Dame of Malta and from a noble house in Tuscany. The Beyens family were established as a nobility by the Belgian royal family to work in government as ambassadors and ministers of the state. Baron Henri Beyens has been an ambassador to Cuba, Prague, and the Holy See. Prince Lorenz of Belgium is from the Italian-Austrian House of Austria-Este and is married into the Belgian royal family. Prince Lorenz is a banker and has worked in Rome, Paris, and London. Prince Lorenz is a top executive for Gutzwiller Bank in Basel, Switzerland near the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) which is connected to most central banks around the world. Washington DC was established through the 1871 District of Columbia Organic Act based on debts owed to foreign entities like the Kingdom of Belgium, Irish government, and Hudson's Bay Company which is stated in its preface. DC is in fraudulent tax contracts with the Kingdom of Belgium like the Scheldt Dues and are siphoning off taxes from the federal reserve through the BIS and they then conceal and launder the money in private Swiss accounts. Scheldt is named for the river that passes through the Flanders region in Belgium. The Lannoy family are a Belgian nobility from Flanders with Count Philippe de Lannoy, Count Christian de Lannoy, Count Jehan de Lannoy, and Countess Stephanie de Lannoy the wife of Crown Prince Guillaume of Luxemburg as current members. The House of Limburg-Stirum are a broad European nobility with a large branch in Belgium. Count Francois-Guillaume of Limburg-Stirum is a current member. Prince Lorenz manages the transfers from the BIS to the private Swiss accounts of the royals involved with this theft. When this was exposed MI6 staged the Brussels Bombings as an excuse to increase security for the corrupt bankers and businessmen.

The Imperial House of Ligne and the House of Merode are high level criminal bloodlines. The Merode family have a bat on their coat of arms. They are like vampires that drink adrenaline filled blood and go into what they call "euphoric" intoxicated states. The Catholic Church uses wine as a metaphor for blood. Prince Florent de Merode of France is a winemaker and many of these French and Italian winemakers are processing adrenochrome into their wine. Jonathan-Raphael Bischoffsheim was a Belgian banker and co-founder of what later became Paribas. The Bischoffsheim family of bankers work for the Belgian, Dutch, and French royal families. Prince Charles Antoine de Ligne is the head of the Ligne family and owns Kelfield Co. Ltd. of Switzerland which does business in the mining industry and has a 10 year contract in gold mining and 50 year contract in diamond mining. Prince Edouard Lamoral Rodolphe de Ligne is married to Isabella Orsini who is a relative of the House of Orsini in Rome and she is the goddaughter of Silvio Berlusconi. Princess Alix de Ligne of the royal family of Luxembourg married Prince Antoine of Ligne. The Ligne family are the most menacing family in Belgium. The House of Ursel are married with the Ligne and Lobkowicz families and they have been Belgian politicians. Prince Stephane of Ursel is the head of this family today. Prince Edouard de Lobkowicz was an American and member of the Belgian-Austrian-German-Czech nobility. Prince Edouard de Lobkowicz worked for Chase Manhattan Bank and was an ambassador for the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. Edouard's son Prince Charles-Henri de Lobkowicz is also a Knight of Malta. The Belgian Nobility are closely related with French nobility and intermarried with Scottish nobles like the Bethune family connecting them with the British Peerage. The Bethune family settled in Massachusetts as well. Belgian Nobility have married with the Swedish Bernadotte royal family and frequently merged with Austrian nobility. The Treaty of London which established the Kingdom of Belgium was a continuation of the Congress of Vienna and originally located in Vienna, Austria. The European Union similar to the Congress of Vienna as its a union of national powers is centered in Brussels, Belgium.

thisisit94ify says:

CNN is disingenuous

thisisit94ify says:

CNN denies alternative discussion or viewpoints

thisisit94ify says:

CNN has no integrity

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