Rivera: Trump meeting with Kim Jong Un is ‘bold’

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0 0 says:

Oh hi Mario!

Paul Alex says:

So Trump is Hollywood type now I thought they hate Hollywood types. These ppl are so funny professional A kissers.

Heru- deshet says:

No nonsense President Trump. That's my president!

John Bush says:

Got any bulldozers.

utiz4321 says:

California is a colony of Mexico.

utiz4321 says:

No. It wasn't draconian.

walt penny says:

rivera why don't you go back and look for al capone vault you loser

yaahme says:

Butt Butt Butt…CNN the CLown News Network is still trying hard to knock President Trump for his decisive efforts to denuclearize NK = UNBELIEVABLE PRESSITITUTE LOONS!!!

Daniel D says:

Geraldo is a clown. His remarks on Trump are vacuous and fawning.

ejkim46 says:

twitter…..IKSOOKIMHS…..N.Korea Kim Jung-Un "never" gives up the "nuke"!!!…..This is the earnest dying instruction of his late-father,Kim Jung-Il !!!…….He learned "seriously" the lesson from the cases of the Lybia and the Ukraine who both gave up the nuke and so were beaten by force without countmeasure as without the nuke from the U.S. or the Russia !!!….The N.Korea "Kim" and S.Korea also communist idiot "Moon" together are doing a "put-up job" show to buy "time in order tocomplete the nuke missiles program being now in the final stage,…..scheming such 2 summit talks as the inter-Korea in April and the U.S. and the N.Korea,……trying to deceive the President Trump and foolish S.Korean people !!!…..Communist S.Korean Pres.idiot "Moon"are trying  to use such his political purpose as he made such a dramatic event as 2 summit talks, for S.Korea local election including the National Assembly members in June !!!……Whatever "a sly put-up job shows" the N.Korea "KIm" and also communist the S.Korea idiot "Moon"…. play for the President Trump……."totally useless"……It  only hastens the life of the 2 guys, Kim and Moon !!!….

Donald Kasper says:

How many times can you call someone a psycho, fat fuck and then negotiate to get what you want? Ha, bravo.

Donald Kasper says:

The Oakland mayor was told by the chief of police about the raids, and leaked the info for criminals to escape. She goes to jail for obstruction of justice, plain and simple.

Joseph Mellen says:

TRUMP is a real leader who loves his country and the people and the quintessential Alpha male and winner and antidote to the Leftist Marxist Democrats. OBAMA IS A FECKLESS Omega male and lowlife scumbag without any ability to reason rationally and logically.

Rogue Male says:

Trumpard's falsely claiming credit for this unprecedented meeting between trump and Jung un-conviently forget that this all started with the historic peace initiatives by the two Korea's!

Steel Here says:

Donald Trump is a decorated war veteran who survived 4 tours of duty. The United States is lucky to have him.

Joyce Benton says:

The advertising guy really speaks Chinese well with good pronunciations too.

stop button says:

Yea what is bold is Rivera pretending to be an American> He voted for Hillary # Trump 2020

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