The Amazing Katrina Pierson EVISCERATES The Butt Hurt Baby Beta Richard Fowler With A Smile

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jacqueline russell says:

GAY BOB RICHARD FOWLER CANT HOLD A CANDLE AGAINST HURRICANE KATRINA Richard is a race baiting buffoon. If we PATRIOTIC Americans believed in these libtard run POLLS Then candidate Trump would of never been elected PRES TRUMP

Brent Wheeler says:

Love Katrina. Beautiful firecracker. Would you like some hot sauce to go.

zarralinda says:

Richard Fowler is a doofus. Trump has a 50% approval rating, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that number is skewed. The Demonrats are arrogant turds. All they know how to do is insult people and lie. Too bad we can’t deport all of them.

Marina Knife says:

Richard Fowler a "strategist" ? That's a joke – he cannot cope with anyone disagreeing with his limited amateurish talking points and that smug ignorant grin – his anger is never very far from the surface. Deluded un-informed idiot.

Plebeian says:

If there was a Bill Clinton Best head oval office competition. Richard would win trousers down.

Keith Johnson says:

Those polls are shatt.

Sydplayson says:

Hurricane Katrina was the type of chick that would bully, beat up and rob the lunch money of sissyboy Fouler.

taming strange says:

Fox news we get it you're inclusive but does your gay black contributor have to be such a stereotype. Wouldn't it be better to have a gay black real man on and not some caricature?

Chainsaw Surgeon says:

Notice, when liberals lose the conversation they always bring up the fake polls.

Jose A Acosta says:

Jajajajaja No se puede defender lo indefendible!! Hey Democrats you are going to seat and wait until MR PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP teach how the Republic of the United States should be run ,"For the People and by the people". Can you understad that!

Joseph Nicosia says:

Put sock in Richards mouth

Dorothy Green says:


Dorothy Green says:


m.l.d. says:

did he just call himself a 'practical progressive'? LoL seriously hilarious ! talk of oxy-moron

William Elliott says:

Killary, according to poll's had a 98 percent chance to winning the election but lost in a landslide. What does that tell you about polls and how people think of our Great President

Troy Alexander says:

You lost me with the headline.

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