The Five 3/9/18 – The Five Fox News March 9, 2018

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The Five March 9, 2018 – The Five Fox News 3/9/18 – Friday


Robert Zebrowski says:

Doosh bag who? Doesn’t take much to figure it out.

crash disk says:

Unbelievable the leftists like Juan still insist that 8 years of failure by Obama was caused by Bush, and the massive turn around in the economy in the first year of Trump is due to Obama. INSANITY!

Kimokeo Keahi says:

#1: Why would Christians watch "The (slanted) View" in the first place? #2: Of course Behar would apologize. The ensuing ** storm required it. #3: When will the other blabbermouths on the rest of the commie news shows apologize for their intolerance? #4: When will the Devilcrats apologize for their complicity? #5: When will the MSM take believers in Islam to task for their adherence to such an archaic and intolerant faith?

Jim stanford says:

Danas' appearance keeps me from criticizing her.

Jim stanford says:

Juan, it was the fear of being annihilated. Give credit where due. You never admit your wrong.

Ray Choy says:

Dana’ sort of good looking but she must have drink Juan butt juice, I really hate her under that mask

Jean G says:


yosemite scuba says:

Wan Williams always has such confusion. He has to ignore facts to try to make sense.

Sergio Cruz says:

Happy Birthday Kimberly!

vicky didiano says:

Joy bahart is a fake broad, she has a big mouth with very very little common sense! She needs to get fired for a lot of stupid shit that she says

Kent Willey says:

Did Behar also apologize to Oprah for saying she was waiting to see if God told her to run, too?

SJT SJT says:

White house new…Don't fucking like ad's between the news. Getting rid of it!

Brandon Walters says:

Truth is I got 2 groups of democrats I talk politics with on social media. You got a few that are just democrats that truly believe Obama administration policies were great and he was a great president. The vast majority of them think he was great because he’s part Black. They think he’s so great because of his skin color. That’s it. He could do no wrong. Then everything they love is just socialist politics. Their letting skin color push them into socialism and they obviously have no real grip on the history of socialism. Past and present. And when they say being against globalism is anti Semitic, that’s because they worship government. Your anti Semitic because your attacking their religion of big government.

Brandon Walters says:

Juan makes me want to give up on life. He plays his role well.

ken Quinn says:

Juan sucks, what a bullshit artist! He Fucks up the whole show with total lies!

Al Martin says:

president trump will be one of our greatest president.

Cher L. says:

Dana is a smart woman but stutters and isn’t a good public speaker

Michael Hess says:

Juan is total schmuck. Does he believe the stupid shit he says?? He looks stupid as well.

m croft says:

All tthese mind readers amaze me,wait and see how the meeting goes,and weigh in.what if doesnt do it.

Bark Manden says:

LOVE KIMBERLY………….In the legs chair….Oh Yeah !

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