The Ingraham Angle 3/9/18 – Laura Ingraham Fox News March 9, 2018

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The Ingraham Angle 3/9/18 – Laura Ingraham Fox News March 9, 2018 Friday

Laura Ingraham March 9


Larry Wakeman says:

The Left are so eager to sacrifice American citizens in order to push their cause. Marxism: The ends justify the means.

Masfaith3 says:

Watch, Share: Resistance Chicks live stream at Ohio Carry Rally, 1:003:00pm Ohio Columbus Statehouse pass the word! Ohio law trying to ban guns. Support Ohio! 3-10-18

Jennalee Mills says:

what dont these idiot liberals not get ?! illegal immigrants have zero constutional rights !

Geremia says:

In the power of numbers Americans who respect and pray for their country will help it even more.

Geremia says:

It looks like Allen Orr is the devil's advocate in this case :- (

James Russell says:

Most certainly is not normal is right on the money. Everyone is a drama student it’s a joke.

G.R. Conn says:

Good show Jason wish you were still representing Utah.

G.R. Conn says:

"Blue Wave"???? hahahaha this is the same bunch that predicted a Clinton win. Get real, GOP Red Wave is inevitable the Dumbs don't have a platform. Remember the cause of the Civil War, it was fueled by democratic obstructionism before the bullets started to fly they want a repeat of history which will end the same way like everything else the Dimms do, they do the same things the same way, under the same conditions and expect a different result than what they get, the technical definition of INSANITY.

G.R. Conn says:

The left suffers from political fanaticism and insanity, just that simple.

G.R. Conn says:

All the mass shootings in the US have resulted from impractical policies of the left. Putting up gun free zone signs is like putting a target on peoples backs. All the major incidents have happened in Liberal states and cities with extreme gun laws in place when will the leftist morons wake the hell up?????

Deborah Valentine says:

God I hate Liberals. Their ignorance and arrogance are offensive! They have been intentionally lobotomized! It is CRIMINAL that these retarded Liberals cannot understand the base definition of ILLEGAL! Further, they intentionally distort realities to fit their SEDITIOUS intentions by simply changing the base narrative ILLEGAL ALIEN into something that does NOT exist: "undocumented immigrant"! Liberal Leftists, and the Globalist behind them, are the reason why all the problems are happening within, and to, all respective once great Western nations…

G.R. Conn says:

Typical Dumbascrap talking points absolutely pointless, total lies, inane and un-American BS. A Dumbascrap is incapable of open honest discussions and the lamestream media is complicit all the way, an modern day version of Pravda (Lenin/Stalin) or even Der Angriff (Hitler). The American people are smarter than the Leftist talking head morons in politics or the new fake news.

arsenic milkshakes says:

Why should an illegal invader even be given a lawyer???? No papers??? DEPORT!!USA NEEDS TO GET TOUGH!!! fuck the open borders Dem's and GOP establishment

esperan2k says:

PharmaBro was definitely right about Chaffetz at least. So basically, he's evil because, as a CEO, his job was to increase the wealth of his shareholders, but then, because he didn't increase their shares enough (the second charge) he's going to spend seven years in jail. Also, his Jew lawyer sounds like he basically set him up. Go with a Goy lawyer next time if you don't want to get fucked over, eh PharmaBro?

Mucus Lungbutter says:

I like the way he does the show.

Promethius Hatchett says:

Destroy Satan's Throne

J.R. Regenold says:

Why is being in our country illegally a civil offense … it should be a treated as a felony, even a visa overstay.

For what its worth? says:

Mr Trump is 10 steps ahead of Rocket man.

For what its worth? says:

This man has been programmed like most Democrats, they hate was is good and love what is bad.

Nate Dogg the 1ST says:

This brother is a disgrace to Black people.

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