TRIGGER WARNING: CNN Host Says Trump May Go Down As ‘Great President.’ Internet Goes Nuclear.

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James Barrett for the Daily Wire reports, Trigger warning: The following article contains potentially painful details about a supposedly committed member of the media elite committing an act of “violence” against her network’s dwindling audience.

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Eric Rice says:

CNN needs to start supporting Trump and what he's doing for this country or end up looking for new jobs.

Melinda de los Santos says:

I wondered about her- a tough, no holds barred, I’ll-give-you-gough kind of person. I didn’t expect this, neither was I surprised. She’ll go far.

Eyota Chenoa says:

It is really sad, all they do to deceive the dems.

Stjepan Blagaj says:

God Bless Trump go and make America much more great cheers we all love you sort the EU scums as well on Tarif especially Germans scums

Dave Bounty says:

Regardless of what our great President Trump does these leftists scumbags will always hate him.

J Gillespie says:

She got it wrong he is going to go down as the greatest president in history.

Ade Adesuyi says:

Not to steal Trump’s Thunder, but I believe she meant ‘Great PRECEDENT’. Listen to it again.

Ed Johnson says:

It is way past time to cleanse America of liberalism … starting with the anti American schools and the media mafia. As for The Criminal News Network … they are in fear of being investigated, arrested and put in jail to await punishment for high treason!

Johnny Mac says:

He's way better than the last guy.

ekimshield says:

She looks like a porno star — maybe Trump paid her off. And she is on the porno news network CNN. Hmmm…

Mark Damiani says:

Of course hell go down in history as a great president. Because he IS duh!!!

David Sherbert says:

How does that crow taste, CNN????

John Mulder says:

trump for 2020. MAGA.

luttimatos says:

Her co workers might eat her alive tonight. Like a bunch of crocks fighting for a deer

Katie K says:

She did that on purpose…testing the waters…ooh slow awakening for the CNN viewers

El Elyon says:

I hope telling the truth doesn't get her fired

ladykiri42 says:

MAGA! The libs just keep proving how bigoted they are. They cannot face the fact that the whole collusion deal between U.S. and Russia was with the Democ*rats*!

Edward Wayne chance says:

Only time cnn told the truth

Dumitru Benes says:

and she should have finished it. obama will go down as the worst president ever. no getting around that either.

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