Trump Says He’ll Meet with Kim Jong-un – LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE

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In a major announcement at the White House, a South Korean official said that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un had offered to meet with President Trump, and President Trump has accepted. The White House has confirmed that Trump will meet with Kim Jong-un. We have LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE of this major announcement about North Korea at the White House.

LIVE NOW: White House Makes Major Announcement About North Korea

LIVE STREAM: President Trump Says He’ll Meet with Kim Jong-un

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Richard W says:

Trump 2020. Hillary jail for life then hell for

FFF says:

North Korea is one of four remaining countries world wide NOT totally dominated by the Jew Zionist banksters. Decades of draconian sanctions and massive amounts of lie filled propaganda are script rote of the cult. Will Kim give over the souls of his people to this great resident evil? Maybe that has already happened beneath the purview of our dwindling social media. Whatever the case I hate seeing the putrescent Darwinian hell that is South Korea put on this last of a few truly independent nations.

LombardMilitia says:

It's just a smart maneuver from North Korea.
Kim wants the zionist orange puppet close so he can better fart in his face without wasting nukes.

mark price says:

One good Chuck Norris roundhouse could save the planet.Trump Norris.

Marc The Vegas Gamer says:

My guess is that they'll meet either at the DMZ in one of the structures there or in Sweden.

Lorelei Lets Live Together says:

There is one small fact you got slightly bungled: The guy who was assassinated in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia was Kim Jong-un's older half brother Kim Jong-nam (conceived by same father, Kim Jong il but different mother, Song Hye -rim.) Kim Jong-un also ordered the execution of his Uncle Jang Song-thaek an uncle by marriage only, having been married to Kim Kyong-hui the the only sister of father Kim Jong il. So these were two people, two events and the brother died by covert execution in Malaysia where the uncle died publicly in N Korea.

Anon Anon says:

See latest Q post. Trump already met with Kim.

I love The USA says:

Lol lol kimmy better wear diapers when he meets THE BOSS IN person maga

Michael Richards says:

Let me tell you this is an extremely important step towards peace on the Korean penninsular. It proves once again that Trump is a groundbreaking, unconventional President who gets things done against all odds.

foulpotato says:

So trump will be a foreign policy success like nixon and an economic success like reagan.

Ram Dayal Yadav says:

Thank you Mr president you are great for world god bless to you.

Jennifer Gentile says:

Trump Is gonna make him an offer he can't refuse

MJs Smile says:

BOOM …Trump has already had his meeting with Kim Jung, 3 months ago

Hea Sook Son says:

seconds ago
President Trump who loves America and peace is the Best
US military need to reside in Korea ,forever, even after Peace Treaty, to keep peace in Korea and Asia and the World….
Bless Our President Trump !
God Bless Korea!

philip j fry says:

Just glad we are willing to talk to North Korea hopefully talks bring the tension down nobody want's nuclear war.

Ultraman's Inspirational Recipes says:

I don't understand these one hour and twenty minutes or longer videos. Is this guy really that entertaining that you want to watch that long? This would be about three hours of network TV watching if he had commercial breaks. There are no networks that feature one host for that long for obvious reasons. One plus hours of just one guy talking seems to be leaning towards someone liking the sound of their own voice and having too much free time. Maybe I would feel differently if Steve wasn't sporting two day bum beard. Am I being too harsh?

Ruth Butler says:

they saw videos of Syria being bombed.

Shane Mears says:

He should definitely meet the guy. Nuclear war is no joke.

Ruth Butler says:

they can meet in Russia

Ruth Butler says:

How much will it cost to send Rightside to N. Korea?

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