Tucker Carlson Tonight 3/9/18 – Fox News Today – March 9, 2018

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Tucker Carlson Tonight 3/9/18 – Fox News Today – March 9, 2018


John Gilchrist says:

hoo CNN fake news

John Gilchrist says:

this guy is a assss

Ron Solomon - Pankrats says:

Why is the bond so freakin low?

mark tackett says:

Her ignorance offends me ,so I suggest we put her in jail for hate speech toward men.

mark tackett says:

A murderer has no rights! I truly hope that the Governor and Mayor and all the others that are upholding this ignorance are the next ones to be effected by the actions of one of these upstanding people. Talk about wanting change ,they would be screaming to everyone. Until it touches them they will continue to snub their nose at mainstream America. I do seriously pray the next victim is one of them,they need a wake up call!

mark tackett says:

Until Californians elect a new Governor,as well as put the Sheltered-and protected Hollywood liberals in their place it will not get better. If oneJudge out of 600 makes a decision that the populous disagrees with ,you might need to consider his mental stability to perform the job. This would not be acceptable in any other field. California wealthy simply just wants their cheap labor to do the things in their life for them that they don't want to do themselves. It's a form of slave labor

Daniel D says:

Previous presidents have been invited to sit with the North Korean leader. Trump is the first to accept despite Tillersons strong advice to the contrary. Trump is already congratulating himself. Hes going to fuck it up. No doubt about it.

Daniel D says:

Jeff Sessions is guilty of perjury and he has not been challenged on he how radical it is for the attorney general to openly defy federal law.

Rob Morrow says:

Cathy Areu shows she's not just stupid, she's a tyrannical feminazi.

Jmo Bing says:

Cathy Areu needs to be removed from our country immediately before her deranged ideas ruin the US! This is disgusting that we are letting crazy progressives get away with. If we don’t kick these people out of our country soon they will destroy our constitution!

James Perrone says:

I can barely stand to look at or listen to crazy Cathy

jsauerii says:

Cathy Areu, you are a dumb, demon infested sexist, man hating cunt. You can see the fucking insanity in your eyes. Demons from hell are running you. You are easily on the top list of people that prove that you man hating liberal cunts are a plague of insanity.

Paraschiv Adrian says:

Nancy with the laughing smile insert joker grin and Sinatra singing in the background

Clark Kent says:

Cathy is just a left mess. No man could spend 1 minute with her,yuck.

Vince Christian says:

i can NOT STAND cathy areu .. what a sexist hateful woman!!

Shoshanna Silcove says:

Cathy Aru is a fire breathing man hater

Moe S. says:

Poor Tucker…. I don't know how you manage to keep speaking to these MORONS without slamming your face into your desk! I hope your nightmares aren't too much to handle. Mind you, if you can stand to speak to them in reality (yours not theirs), I'm pretty sure you can handle a few bad dreams. Chin up Tucker, it seems the morons are destined for the nuthouse soon anyway.

iducatifan1 says:

I like Tucker alot.

orville mitchell says:

Wouldn't they need a warrant for someone who has rights , like citizens? Are illegals citizens?

CryptoNetworkStream says:

The defrauded F.I.S.A. judge is all for this fraud to see the light of day…

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