Tucker Carlson Tonight 3/9/18 – Fox News Today – March 9, 2018

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Danvil says:

Kathy Areu is a female Mr. Bean look a like. Why Tucker has her on is way beyond me. She should be bullwhipped at high noon on national TV. She stopped being of interest about 6 months ago and now she's just irritating.

Pappy Rooster says:

People have lost their ever loving minds

Ryan Smith says:

I seriously can't tell if Cathy is a genius satirist, or a complete fucking moron. She may be the greatest troll ever.

Shrub 1975 says:

How the hell would you identify sexist thought??? Kathy Areau is a man hater, pure and simple! And who the hell would be offended by a man opening a door for them? Its called manners!!!!

Gregory Wagner says:

God if there's one person that I would never want on my jury and that would be Cathy. She really needs to seek out a professional the woman needs mental help

Gregory Wagner says:

Okay here we go…. Cathy you're a bimbo you look like a slutt if I saw you in a bar and you said kiss me I wouldn't know whether to kiss your ass or your face to me what's the difference. I also think you should cut your hair because it makes you look like a whore. Okay there you go arrest me

easyglide says:

Lost confidence in Sessions

Ross Horsley says:

Those guys are idiots. “One of those guys is my best friend” “I bet” Lol

Lori Ann Cunliffe says:

Lock up the politicians with this killer.

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