BOOM! Top FBI Official CAUGHT Authorizing LEAKS to the Media – There is only one thing to do now!

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Chuck Ross for the Conservative Tribune reports, McCabe, 49, authorized FBI officials to speak to the media for articles prior to the 2016 election, including one about an ongoing investigation into the Clinton Foundation, according to a report being prepared by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

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Bobbi Bacha says:

Arrest and convict

yetor K10 benton says:

Time for a Real Special Council to investigate the FBI and Former FBI Heads including Mueller and their Partners in crime in the DOJ and State Dept.


next news network advertising cbd hemp oil claiming he uses it regularly, fucking pot heads, you can not believe any news by someone paid to endorse illegal drug use. fuck these folks!

Bobby Lee says:

'i hate to say ,but im so so tired of hearing these people going to jail and not jack shit happens

Jerry Sills says:

Yes it would my Hebrew friend



Mr PumperKnuckles says:

I don’t like the intro sound…

mark kerlin says:

Time will tell. Hope so. Not holding my breath

Carol Hucklebridge says:

Unbelievable, but not surprising! Freakin' idiots!

Brett Wells says:

13K sealed indictments. Gitmo massively expanding. Trump EOs from December. Learn chess and trust Sessions. Art of deal. Tribunals. Enjoy.


Execution is the method to handle treason!!!

halley0413 says:

I am not sure but I read somewhere that under the RICO act, a whole law enforcement establishment like a police department or in this case the FBI can be declared a criminal entity when it's proven that many of its officers are engaged in fraud and other criminal acts.

Dandy Beano says:

Is this is he? if he is he then why he is not showing his face lol

were wolf says:

When when when when when are they going to go to jail

Mata Pendejos says:

The penalty for treason is not jail.

Louis John says:

Trump entered the White House and getting all the shit out

j dee says:

Never happens people with money or power

American Girl says:

LOL, Andrew McCabe was the one screaming and yelling as he was being escorted out of his FBI office that he was going to "tell everything" yet he has been very quiet. I'm pissed this criminal has a big fat retirement off the sweat of the brow of hard working honest Americans.

Edwin Zakrzewski Jr says:

Put this criminal in jail.

WarlockCore says:

Kinda funny how this stuff works if they plead the fifth or step down they are seemingly absolved of all crimes and get to keep their tax funded pensions and all the perks, man I am in the wrong business, just saying

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