Breaking: Kim Jung Un To Extend Invitation To Meet With Trump

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There has never been a face-to-face meeting, or even a phone call, between the sitting leaders of North Korea and the United States.

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Hello Hi says:

Trump is going to North Korea to prove they aren't a threat that and CNN is blowing smoke. How is it that famous people go and nothing happens. If Kim is hurting anyone it's his own people. Where is the UN in trying to get those people out of the camps. Slavery never ends. People suffer all over because if poor leaders. African Americans just got their freedom not too long ago. It's everywhere. It's because the Ruler of this world is Satan. Jesus Kingdom is not of this world. People suffer now because of past sins and it gives Rights to Satan on attack in due time, don't blame God. He has laws and he has Order! We Reap what we sow. No sin goes unpunished so stop all the sin you can and pray on the ones you can't stop. God punishes down 4 generations. Stop the hate, it's murder! Don't ask why is this happening?? we reap what we sow!! Now you see why there is evil in the world, the ruler is Satan and violence will not seize. Don't expect a Miracle out of Trump, but pray we can withstand the what future holds.

D Me says:

Oh, let's hope Fatboy Kim has a deviously devastating surprise for the orange idiot. I'd like to be a fly on the wall in his planning room.

DarkOm3ga says:

Lmfaoooo this channel is a joke.

Alex Campain says:

President Trump will be written down as the Greatest President that has ever lived.. Also winning him a Nobel Peace Prize for NK and SK UNIFICATION.

Lard Ass chow down wide load says:

Only eat what Kim eats and drink what Kim drinks.

TxChicklet says:

Feels awesome to be on the winning side! Thank you Prez. Trump! MAGA! BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM!

matthew lee says:

someone deleted my comment but ill say it again. its Jong* not Jung.

kyller10 says:

I've never seen a video on YouTube that didnt have any other recommendations of other videos before the comments this is the first time that it goes straight to the comments after the subscription button

Sky1 says:

They should meet at a Gentleman's club and compare notes. 😛

WE TSH Yvette says:

He is under estimated!!
I’m NOT so “Tired of winning.”

Fulci Fan says:

Video unavailable

juan ramon says:

Someone is gonna assasinate trump in korea to send us to die in a war.

Triple Mexican 619 says:

Not going to happen

SLACKER614 says:

bribe rocket boy with a lifetime supply of Big Macs!

Matt Lord says:

My nerves are made of steel. No its true post 911 I was at the air port security check point setting off the alarm over and over again and at this point I am almost nude and I announced "I know what it is" the lady smiled and said "what?" I replied it's my nerves, they are made of steel" the security officers all started laughing hard. On my return trip there was a sign that said " no jokes."

Matt Lord says:

Don't go the left will nuke North Korea to kill two birds with one stone.

My cat's Donut says:

You are invited to N Koreans gulag

Donna Knudson says:

Back in the mid 80s I went to a college in Bethlehem PA, where Bethlehem Steel comes from. It was dying back then, almost dead compared to its heyday where men would come from all over to work there. When I would take walks I would often go across a bridge that went in between really darkened old monolithic structures that were part of the plant. Over the next several years I saw more and more of this vast steel city (the steel plant) that went on for miles be abandoned, taken down, or partly taken down. When the structures next to the bridge were taken down you could see the river and a railroad track and then at night very high up a huge strong blue flame. You could see it from all over. It was beautiful and strange and eerie in it's own way. I loved to look at it in the dark standing on the bridge. I would even go down there late at night and sit on the tracks with the dark cold river making the sounds rivers make on one side of where I sat and on the other side, the Steel, noisily clacking, hot, and the huge blue flame far above. I could even get glimpses of some of the men still working there, tiny compared to these huge structures. I loved to feel the contrast, while sitting in the middle.

After school was over I left and then came back a few years later. The flame was gone. That, for me, was the end of the Steel. It made me sad. I never knew why it made me sad. It just did. I guess it was just the sense of what once made a town vibrant before I even got there, and the witnessing the last several years of its final dying out, and then the last flame gone.

Now they've turned parts of the ruins into a museum, and various other things like concert and theater venues, bars, art classes for kids etc. Which is all nice. But the place just doesn't seem the same of course. And I'm sure when I lived there it wasn't the same as in it's heyday.I wish I could go back in time and see that.

1776 Redux says:

He already met with Kim and made a deal in the forbidden city. This meeting is strictly for the press…

Marvel Wojcicki says:

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